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Anthropomorphic Animals

Project Overview


In this unit, student artists learn about anthropomorphic animals, and look at examples of them through art, literature, and pop culture. They choose an animal, draw it realistically from photographs, and then use the background to show what human traits the animal has come to represent.

Setup At A Glance

Lesson Plan



Pencil or pens, markers, container for paper slips, drawing paper, eraser, thin permanent markers. Optional: tracing paper (see l2, anticipated problems).

*suggestion: have bins for each table or section that contain the materials and simply add the new materials needed for each lesson. Assign a student artist the job of passing materials out after the ‘CFU’ part of the lesson.


Optional: A selection of fairy tales and fables featuring anthropomorphic animals (Example: Aesop’s Fables) (see l2-4, early finishers)


L1: BingoCards_Animal Stereotypes (Packet contains 30 bingo cards. Pair up students if necessary)


L1: Animal Choices (one per student)


L2: Animal Choices (print the animal pages needed according to the animals the students circled during lesson 1. Have one full packet printed so that additional animals are available to students who have changed their mind or were absent.)


L5: Artist Statement Worksheet (one per student)


© info: Doodles Academy presents both public domain artworks and works that are protected by copyright in their videos and lessons. The latter are used in accordance with fair use principle, as the images are only being used for educational purposes. If you are the copyright holder of the work of art used for Doodles-Academy.org and do not agree that the use of your image is a fair use, please contact us by email.


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