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We believe in a future where all kids, regardless of their zip-code, have access to the skills they need to become adaptable, creative, and empathetic adults. The visual arts teach these skills, and we support teachers in providing a quality art education regardless of where or what they teach. 

Free art projects


Comprehensive, standards aligned Lesson Plans


Video content and discussion prompts make them 'Plug-and-Play'

Flexible & Adaptable to different teaching styles and situations

Authentic Art Experiences rather than a 'copy-the-teacher' methodology

A Unique Art Curriculum.

Our comprehensive collection of projects are designed to build skills through unique and individual art projects rather than step-by-step tutorials. Too much art education revolves around projects that focus on product and not on process, erasing student individuality. Our curriculum is designed to allow students to tell their own stories and to create highly individual art projects. 

images from the project ‘A Toy’s Story’

“Students knew they had the latitude to add their own personal touches. This led to each piece feeling unique and individualistic.

Mr. Grossman

5th Grade Teacher; Reno, Nevada

Designed to be taught by Anyone.

Each project includes video demonstrations and thorough lesson plans that teachers can make their own, meaning our projects can be run by teachers who have never picked up a paintbrush as well as experienced art teachers who want to focus on their students rather than planning



Each project includes: 

  • Videos with demonstrations
  • Inspiring Images to discuss 
  • Ideas for extending lessons and connecting to core classroom content 
  • Connections to Common Core Standards
  • Connections to National Art Standards
  • Focus questions and prompts for discussion
  • Suggestions for early finishers
  • Worksheets and supplemental handouts
  • Critical thinking skills built into every lesson

My students love art and are very artistic, but I am not an artist or art teacher and I would be totally lost trying to teach art on my own. With the art work, videos, ideas, instructions, materials, and CCSS, this is a complete package that makes arts education possible for my students. THANK YOU!!”

Ms. Howland-Bolton

5th Grade Teacher; Detroit, MI

Building Skills Inside AND Outside the Art-room.  

We deepen engagement and build knowledge around classroom subjects by aligning our content with commonly used themes and subjects, We do this to support art teachers in aligning their content to the core content taught at their school, as well as classroom teachers who are bringing art to their students in their contained classroom. Opportunities for critical thinking, group discussion, and and student presentations are built into every lesson.

Connecting even further…

Doodles Academy is currently working on a new curriculum, ‘Art & Literacy’, with projects designed to intentionally build knowledge around content-rich literacy topics. With the Art & Literacy Curriculum Set, common literacy topics were identified for grades 1-5 by comparing freely available (OER) literacy curricula. Doodles Academy then created a series of art projects designed to build knowledge around the ELA topics, and paired the projects with supplemental materials, such as text sets and tiered vocabulary,

Artwork from the Art & Literacy project ‘Art & Advocacy’ where students learn about water-related issues and design a poster for a topic they care about. This is related to the 3rd-grade literacy topic of ‘water’. 

“The videos taught so much! The kids went from no knowledge of constellations to talking about constellations and origin stories with their peers and adults[…] All kids were proud of their finished product.”

Mrs. D'Amelio; 1st Grade Teacher; Anacortes, WA

(a classroom partner who workshopped the 'Designing the Zodiac' Art & Literacy Project)

Educators Use Us. But you can help us reach even more classrooms and students.

Donate today, Impact Forever. 

The skills students learn in the arts lead to lifelong success. 


Innovative Programming

We are an online  art curriculum–one that supports students in creating their own authentic artworks, and is adaptable to allow teachers to put their unique spin on the learning experience for their students

Large Reach.

Through our virtual distribution, we are able to reach more students in more locations. We work towards closing the opportunity gap by making sure that our curriculum is easy to implement whether or not educators have a background in the arts.

Doodles Academy is a 501(c)3

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. EIN: 47-4434306.

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