Custom Projects

We can help you develop exceptional instructional materials.

We happily co-create with school districts, museums, and other educational institutions. 

We are a nimble, and creative team that can support any number of bespoke opportunities.

We maintain a diverse network of teachers, therapists, and more; this allows us to be uniquely responsive in how we approach each new opportunity. 

Scroll down to browse some of the projects that we have worked on, then contact us at to tell us about your idea.

Sample Projects:

We created an online workshop to support classroom teachers:

Through the ‘Coffee and Conversation’ program hosted by Student Achievement Partners, we discussed how hands-on art integration can be used in the classroom by educators of all backgrounds to enrich student learning and prompt students to make meaningful connections.

You can find the full recording here.

We can develop, lead, or support PD modules, workshops, or webinars.

We sequenced artworks for students in grades K-8 to study and discuss:

The Core Knowledge Sequence is a detailed outline of recommended content knowledge and skills to be taught in language arts, history and geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science from preschool through grade eight.

We worked with the Core Knowledge Foundation to update their Visual Arts sequence (more info here), which consisted of analyzing the existing sequence, then suggesting an expanded list of artworks that could support students in cross-content learning, while also increasing the diversity and perspectives represented in the sequence.

We can identify artworks and art opportunities to integrate into your district’s ELA/Math/Social Studies/or Science curriculum.

We designed creative challenges that could be read as radio broadcasts during the pandemic:

We worked with an African-based school network that saw students falling dramatically behind during school closures. In response, they developed a 20-week program of ready-to-air radio scripts that could be adapted for different communities. 

We conceptualized some ‘creative challenges’ that supported the content-learning and could be read as part of the radio broadcasts. See a sample here.

We can support cross-content learning with custom, aligned curricula. 

We created a Curriculum Guide for a California school district: 

We worked closely with district art teachers to create a district-wide curriculum guide for grades 7-12. This curriculum guide helped provide consistency across schools by creating a system used across the schools, including establishing standard names and descriptions for classes, establishing benchmarks for content, vocabulary, media, and skills, and offering rubrics and guidance around assessment.  

We can create custom curricula, scope and sequences, or curriculum guides for schools, charters, or curriculum developers. 

We developed an image-based ‘text set’ to support students studying WWII:

Text sets are intentional groups of resources focused on a specific topic. Educators use them to quickly build knowledge and vocabulary through a volume of reading. Text sets need not be limited to traditional reading materials, and Student Achievement Partners commissioned us to create an image-based text set to support students studying WWII. You can learn more about this project, and find links to download the text set for free, here

We can help identify imagery that supports cross-content learning objectives.

What would you like to co-create with us? 

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