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Doodles Academy is a powerful art curriculum for grades 1-5

Our program is designed to minimize teacher prep, and to prepare educators of all backgrounds to offer their students a high-quality art experience. Our lessons include:

  • Videos with demos
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans
  • Downloadable Supply Lists
  • Downloadable student handouts
  • Ideas for extending projects
  • Common Core & National Art Standards
  • Connections to open source curricula
  • Constantly expanding group of projects
  • Prompts for discussion
  • Suggestions for early finishers
  • Critical thinking skills in every lesson
  • "Knowledge building" topic based units

Students aren't carbon copies, why should their art be?

Rather than offering step-by-step tutorials, Doodles Academy empowers teachers of all backgrounds to celebrate their student’s individual experiences and choices through open-ended art projects. Our projects are rigorous without overwhelming. Skills are scaffolded and incorporated in ways that respect the unique artistic vision of each student.

High quality art education for all.

Our mission is to expand children's access to high-quality arts education.

Our vision is that every child receives an arts education that inspires and rewards creativity, growth and problem solving.

Donate & Defend Art Education.

We offer our complete program on a donation basis, no strings attached, to any family, school, or community center that needs it.

Without donors like you, this would be impossible.

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