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Doodles Academy is a nonprofit organization committed to expanding children’s access to high-quality art curricula. 


We use art as a dynamic medium to enhance cross-content learning through a blend of curriculum, classes, workshops, and comprehensive teacher training—available both in-person and online. Our innovative approach transcends traditional art instruction by focusing on artful teaching techniques that improve understanding and communication for students and teachers alike.

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Virtual Resources: The following resources are available to our extended community of artful educators. 

Michigan Chapter: Doodles Academy’s Michigan chapter customizes our programs to provide support to students, teachers, families, and community centers in the SE Michigan area.

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Doodles Academy is a nonprofit founded in 2015 that works with educators nationwide. Since then, we’ve grown into a passionate community of classroom teachers, art teachers, volunteers, donors, and partners.

If you are an educator, you can learn about our curricula here (art teacher, classroom teacher)

Our mission is to expand children’s access to high-quality visual arts education.

Artwork made by students around the world using Doodles Academy projects

Our mission goes beyond just nurturing the next generation of artists. We believe a high-quality visual arts education enriches lives, fostering critical thinking, emotional well-being, and community engagement. Art isn’t a luxury; it’s a vital part of a well-rounded education.

We advocate for equitable access, making sure every community is a place where critical thinkers, empathetic citizens, inspired learners, and, yes, budding artists can flourish.

To reduce barriers to access, we offer our content virtually for free so that teachers anywhere can access it.


We supported

students in 2022

Photos taken by teachers across the country of their students doing Doodles projects. 

Donations make this work possible.

Doodles Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN: 47-4434306 

Access our 2021 Impact Report here.  

*Citation: In 2021, we saw 552 educators do a project on our website. If each these educators has just an average size class, we supported 11,592 students. When you factor in that some of these educators are art teachers, working with multiple classes, our impact is even greater.

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