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Doodles Academy comprises a group of artists and educators who believe that regular exposure to art is crucial in order for the next generation to develop into reflective and adaptable adults.

Our Mission is to expand children’s access to high-quality visual arts education.


Founder: Tempest NeuCollins

Founder: Tempest NeuCollins

Founder & Executive Director

Founder Tempest NeuCollins received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Both as a teaching artist and, later, a K-5 art teacher, she became frustrated that so much art education is incredibly costly and inefficient, such as private classes, or overcrowded with little opportunity for differentiation. She became determined to find a way to offer an affordable, open-ended curriculum that would bring a choice-based art education to more students.

Board of Directors

Cathy Price

Cathy Price

Board Chair

Patrick Comstock

Patrick Comstock


Carey Swanson

Carey Swanson


Jason Overby

Jason Overby

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith


Christian Simamora

Christian Simamora



We are grateful to all of our past donors, and want to particularly thank those currently supporting our work. The following donors (as well as a few anonymous ones!) have contributed this year (during and since the 2019 end of year campaign): 

    • William Burnett

    • Liz Mathews

    • Ellen Comstock

    • Seabury NeuCollins

    • Ron Rapatalo

    • Milo Thiesen

    • Stephen Maine

    • Alma Hunley

    • Kyle (anonymous last name) 

    • Cullen Hayes

    • Jon Kuehler

    • Anne Cohen

    • Meredith and David Liben

    • Geoff Countryman

    • Carey Swanson

    • Alisha Zucker

    • Tori Filler

    • Mala Chatterjee

    • Cathy Price

    • Jen Fife-Adams

    • Fred Duong

    • Rachel Johnson

    • Sharon Marie

    • Suzanne McIlnay

    • Debby Johnson

    • Margaret Clune

    • Zach Usmani

    • Lisa Kleinman Sokal

    • Joana Ngo Hamaki

    • Devon Mitchell

    • Ainsley Hunley 

    • Aaron Grossman

    • Taylor Marvin

    • Aspen & Tim Bernath-Plaisted

    • Peter Scrambler

    • Patrick Comstock

    • Brianna (anonymous last name)

    • Keith Duster

    • Shandra Bernath-plaisted

    • Simon Parsonage

    • Ezra Sacks

    • Maddy Price

    • Zabet NeuCollins

    • Mark & Ryan NeuCollins

    • Chris Simamora

    • NeuCollins-Hunley Family

    • Jason Overby

    • Greg Lukonic
    • Brianna 


    • Alex Hunley
    • Liam Kenna
    • Atsushi Toda
    • Patrick Leonard
    • Alessandra Mosenifar
    • Shelby Brown
    • Satwik Ch
    • Fred Duong
    • Jordan Huller
    • Amy Kiyota
    • Olivia Lloyd
    • Stephen Maine
    • Joana Ngo
    • Mariae Pakkanen
    • Nadja Scarborough-weiss
    • Grant Schulte
    • RJ Sheperd
    • Maile Thiesen
    • Joan White
    • Frederick Zoreta


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