2021 Supporters


We are grateful to all of our past donors, and want to particularly thank those currently supporting our work. The following donors (as well as a few anonymous ones!) contributed during 2021:

Ainsley Hunley
Alice Elliott
Alissa Countryman
Anne Cohen
Betty Fabbri
Breanne Sevastopoulos
Brian Welch
Bryn Cartmill
Carey Swanson
Cathy Price
Christian Simamora
Christina DeHaven-Call
Courtney Malenius
Dara Feivelson
David Barker
David @ Marcia Fisher
Derrick Bethune
Enid Zentelis
Evelyn B McVeigh
Ezra Sacks
Gay Abel-Bey
Grace Bovell
Greg Lukonic
Janet Grillo
Janet Johnson
Janine and Theo Polley
January  Green
Jason Overby
Jon Kuehler
Judy Chan
Julie Sloane
Karoly Bardosh
Kathleen Elie
Kristin Holmes Linder
Laszlo Santha
Lewis Erskine
Lindsay Tanner
Liz Mathews
Marsha McKeever
Michael Burke
Mira Leopold
Miriam Hastings
Mo Ogrodnik
Patricia Decker
Patricia Pearson
Paul Kist
Peter Scambler
Phil McNagny
Phyllis Laus
Rebecca Goodstein
Renee and Bob Swanson
Rosanne Limoncelli
Ryan NeuCollins
Sharon Peterson-Liebmann
Sharon Yaecker Roesser
Sheila Chan
Sonya Artis
Stephen Maine
Suzi Brinkman
Taylor Marvin
The NeuCollins-Hunley Household
Virginia Ritchie
Wendy Goldberg
Zabet NeuCollins

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Champion of the arts ($500-1,000)

Guardian of the arts ($1,000-2,500)

  • Walmart

Patrons of the arts ($2,500 +)

  • Anonymous
  • Google Ad Grant (in-kind donation)

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