In-Person Classes and Events in Michigan:

Doodles Academy’s Michigan chapter customizes the Doodles Academy programs to provide support to students, teachers, families, and community centers in the broader Detroit metropolitan area.

Quick Links:

  • Interested in Classes or Workshops for your child? sign up here to be notified of student-facing workshops, classes, and camps. Scroll down to see Upcoming Events and One-Day Workshops, as well as Upcoming Classes and Camps
  • Interested in arty parties? We offer both instructors and guidance to craft fantastic artistic birthday parties; more information is available here
  • Interested in in-class instruction at your school? We offer instructors, curriculum, and the option to seamlessly integrate art into school or classroom settings, whether through our support or by training teachers to incorporate art themselves; please email us ( to share your vision for integrating art into your school, and let’s brainstorm together.
  • Interested in volunteering? You can visit here to see what volunteer opportunities we currently have available. You can also sign up here to be on our volunteer list, and be notified when new opportunities come u

Upcoming Events and One-Day Workshops:

Sept 24th:  Visit Found for a Day of Giving, which will include a drop-in mini watercolor doodling activity.  Information and RSVP here. 
October 1st, 3-6pm: Join Doodles Academy at the Abbot Neighborhood Arty Party and participate in drop-in art activity. More information here. 
October 7th & October 14th: Visit the Ypsi Public Library and participate in two free events Family Art Walk and the Enchanted Land program

Rec and Ed Classes and Camps:

We’re working with AAPS Rec & Ed to bring the Doodles programming to schools around the city through afterschool classes and camps during school breaks. These classes are for students in elementary school. You can scroll down this page to find a description for the upcoming classes. 

How to Sign Up: When enrollment opens, you can sign up on the Rec and Ed website. Make sure you are on our email list (link at top) to be notified when enrollment opens. 

Use the link above to add your email to our mailing list and be notified when classes open 

Other Upcoming Classes:


Artist, Explorer, Scientist
Did you know that science and art go hand in hand?

Join Doodles Academy as we explore where the worlds of art and science intertwine. Step into the realm of drawing and discover how scientists utilize this powerful tool in their studies. Start with field sketches to learn the art of observational drawing and hone your skills while embracing a scientist’s eye for detail. Then, select an animal figurine of your choice, and draw it as if you were doing field research. Study its environment and create an immersive background that shows your animal’s habitat and habits. But the adventure doesn’t stop there — you’ll take your artwork to new heights by transforming it into a vibrant watercolor painting. Take part in this exciting expedition to explore the natural world and uncover the remarkable connection between visual art and scientific inquiry.

When: Starting Spring 2024 and continuing for 6 weeks

Where: Schools TBD, run through the Rec and Ed afterschool program

How to Sign Up: When enrollment opens through the Rec and Ed website. Make sure you are on our email list (link at top) to be notified when enrollment opens. 

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