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An ongoing series of projects and professional development opportunities that uses art to thread together cross-content ideas and themes in an irresistibly engaging manner. 

As part of “Outside the Lines” our vibrant artful teaching collective, you will:

– Regularly get new curriculum and activities ready for classroom use
– Access multimedia resources with practical tips and strategies for art integration
– Have the opportunity to earn professional development credits

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Outside the Lines has been a very important part of my curriculum. I’m a TAB style teacher and the projects are well-rounded and theme-based enough to offer choice AND some direction. [1/2]

“One issue, America is Hard to See, not only helped me teach students to embrace unique differences but they have also carried pride in their heritage into projects in following years!”


“Do yourself a favor AND your STUDENTS, and sign up right this very minute for this incredible teaching and learning tool!! I teach middle school as well as the university level with art education students. […]


[…] I gleefully discovered many pertinent ideas, lesson topics, fab visuals, etc. to support a variety level of student learners, myself included.” 


“When I got issue 2, it was jaw-droppingly perfect. Honestly, it was magnificent! I value the way it used scaffolded lessons throughout the unit. I also appreciate the high quality, contemporary artwork associations that are directly related the lessons without being the typical “see how they did this, now you do it” project.”

 Outside the Lines archive:

#9: Frame of Reference

What does it mean to be a historical fact? read more

#8: Fashion & Culture

How does clothing represent aspects of self and culture? read more

#7: Community Connection

What is a community? read more

#6: Where Do We Go From Here?

How can communities adapt in the age of climate change? read more

#5: Heroes Among Us

How do you develop the skills to become a hero? read more

#4: The Introspective Artist

How can we use art to better understand ourselves and our unique experiences? read more

#3: A Place in Space

What is our relationship with the buildings and spaces that surround us? read more

#2: America is Hard to See

What does it mean to be an American? read more

#1: A Portrait in Time

How do artists create art that communicates their experience? read more

Each Outside the Lines project pack is designed around an essential question that guides the entire pack. These are big, interesting, and meaty questions that provide lots to think over, discuss, and make art about

    You’ll find: 

    • Background information around the core topic/essential question
    • Diverse artworks and artist biographies for reflection and discussion
    • Exciting art projects with flexible material choices

    You’ll also receive these supports:

    • Discussion prompts and assessment strategies
    • Direct links to core content areas
    • Linking to the Teaching Tolerance Standards
    • Spanish translations of student handouts.

    A HUGE thank you to our Patrons; businesses whose support allows us to develop and guarantee access to the 2022-23 series of Outside the Lines: 

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