the Lines

A flexible, high-quality, elementary-aged art curriculum that honors student choice, values diversity, connects to core content areas, and is released throughout the school year.

How would you like to have a stream of ready-to-teach art lessons delivered to your inbox, all year long?

Outside the Lines features irresistibly engaging art lessons that will help you:

  • Deliver a standards-aligned, high-quality, and irresistibly engaging art experience
  • Create space for your students to express themselves freely rather than follow cookie-cutter instructions
  • Empower your students in their academic and personal lives by supporting other subjects and teaching invaluable 21st-century life skills
  • Embrace global citizenship by exposing them to a wide diversity of cultures and ideas

What does $15 get you?

  • Exclusive early access to brand-new Outside the Lines projects
  • Invitation to a members-only Facebook page where you can ask questions and get real-time support from Doodles Academy and your peers
  • Unlimited student entries into our Annual Art Gala
  • Link to a Pinterest page that expands on the ideas presented in each issue of Outside the Lines
  • 25% off all other curriculum materials in our store

How it works:

Starting in October and continuing through March, every *2 weeks you’ll receive an email with ready-to-implement teaching content, including the following standard sections:

  • Learning: An introduction and background information
  • Looking: Diverse artworks and artist biographies for reflection and discussion
  • Creating: An exciting art project with flexible material choices

*Every two weeks with the exception of scheduled breaks for Holidays. Every 4th edition includes time for feedback before a final version is released, which includes Spanish translations of all student-facing content. 

Choose your subscription level and join our community!

Use the drop-down menu to subscribe, adding on according to your curricular needs. 

1) Subscribe to new issues only

2) Subscribe + add download access to a single previous issue at a discount(4 projects)

or 3) Subscribe + add download access to the entire back catalog at a discount (currently 8 issues/32 projects)



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