the Lines

A high-quality elementary-aged art curriculum that honors student choice, values diversity, connects to core content areas, and can flex between live, virtual, and tech-free teaching.


Outside the Lines is a virtual magazine, released throughout the school year, that supports teachers as they design a high-quality art curriculum for their students. It gives educators a comprehensive set of tools and resources that they can then pull on, adapt, and make their own.

Diverse Artists
Projects with a focus on student choice
Connected to other subject areas
Flexibility in materials and delivery

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Regardless of whether you find yourself teaching without tech, managing a virtual classroom, or teaching in person, your students deserve access to high-quality content, and you deserve access to a supportive, flexible, and adaptable curriculum.

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Each issue of Outside the Lines includes: 

Interesting, choice-based content:
  • A relevent and timely essential question
  • Four key ideas which break the essential question down through:
    • An introduction/background information
    • Diverse artworks and artist biographies
    • An art prompt with flexible material choices
Teacher Support, Including: 
  • Discussion prompts and assessment strategies based on the National Core Art Standards
  • Suggestions for linking to core content areas, including rich ELA texts
  • Ideas for adapting the content for in-person, virtual, or distance learning
  • Outline of the progression of skills or understanding
  • Linking to the Teaching Tolerance standards where applicable
  • A seperate file linking to artworks on musuem/gallery sites and optional, supplemental videos
  • Self-assessment rubric for students based on Studio Habits of Mind
  • Artist statement worksheet
  • A seperate file with Spanish translations of the student-led pages.


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Release Dates:

*Issue 4: January 25th

Issue 5: March 8th

Issue 6: April 26th

Issue 7: May 31st

*Issue 4 has a gap of 8 weeks due to the Holiday season

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