Where do we go from here?

Essential Question: How can communities adapt in the age of climate change? What tools do they need to make this possible?

artworks to discuss

connects to ELA, Contemporary Events, Science

Connects to Social Justice Standards

connects to National Core Art Standards

flexible materials and delivery

In “Where Do We Go From Here” students collectively create a fictional town. As they work, they learn about climate change and are able to explore and think about how communities adapt and build resilience, as well as explore ideas of environmental justice. They end by applying what they learned to their real-life community.


In this integrated project pack, we explore the question, How can communities adapt in the age of climate change? through four key ideas:

  1. The Earth is growing warmer, creating dangerous and unstable environmental conditions.
  2. Humans have contributed to Global Warming.
  3. There is inequity in who is most affected by Climate Change.
  4. Our actions now can greatly reduce the effects of Climate Change.

Each key idea includes a learning segment where students build knowledge and deepen their understanding of a topic area.

A second segment features artworks that support learning and deepen students’ understanding of the diverse ways the idea can be approached.

And finally, each key idea also includes an art project that connects everything together and encourages students to do so in a way that is personally and culturally relevant to them.

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