Outside the Lines Yearly Subscription

$15.00 / year

What does $15 get you?

  • Access to all previous issues of Outside the Lines for as long as you are a subscriber
  • Exclusive early access to brand-new Outside the Lines projects, at a discount – which means eight new projects every school year.
  • Invitation to a members-only Facebook page where you can ask questions and get real-time support from Doodles Academy and your peers
  • 25% off all other curriculum materials in our store

How it works:

You can access any issue of Outside the Lines that have been released by going to your ‘artroom’ and visiting the ‘downloads’ section.

Starting every October, every 2 weeks you’ll receive an email with ready-to-implement teaching content, including the following standard sections:

  • Learning: An introduction and background information
  • Looking: Diverse artworks and artist biographies for reflection and discussion
  • Creating: An exciting art project with flexible material choices

The Details:

We release projects, called ‘Key Ideas’ every two weeks October through March, with the exception of scheduled breaks for Holidays. Every 4th key idea includes time for feedback before the final issue is released into the online artroom of subscribers.

Subscribers will receive two issues each subscription year in their artroom. Full issues include all four key ideas in a PDF form, and includes Spanish translations of all student-facing content.

You are charged upon sign-up and receive access to all previous content. Renewals happen annually, and can be canceled easily by the user through the links in their artroom. 



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