Issue 6: Where do we go from here?

Issue 6 of ‘Outside the Lines’, a virtual magazine supporting teachers in developing a high-quality, diverse, authentic, and integrated curriculum.

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How can communities adapt in the age of climate change? What tools do they need to make this possible?

Students work in groups to create a fictional town, but one which is based off of a real region in the United States. They learn about climate change, and are able to explore and think about how communities adapt and build resilience, as well as environmental justice through the fictional town that they are collectively developing.

For the concluding Key Idea, students move away from the fictional town and apply what they learned to their real-life community. They learn about climate activists and strategize ways that they can use art to bring attention to climate threats that will effect their real-life community.

Each issue includes:

  •  4 segments, designed to support learning around questions pertinent to our time.
  • Contents which include:
    • connections directly linked to ELA, Social Studies, or History.
    • artwork and artist examples
    • an art prompt or challenge
  • Flexible delivery options, including ideas for teaching in-person and remotely
  • Flexible material options

& Downloadable Teaching Supports:

  • A copy of the publication in PDF form to easily print student handouts.
  • Spanish translations of student handouts
  • A separate file linking to artworks on museum and gallery sites
  • Links to optional supplemental videos where applicable
  • Printable rubrics and assessments

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