Issue 7: Community Connection


Issue 7 of ‘Outside the Lines’, a virtual magazine supporting teachers in developing a high-quality, diverse, authentic, and integrated curriculum.


What is a community?

After defining their community, students undertake a series of prompts that are designed to help them understand and connect more deeply with other members of their community. As students work, they broaden their definition of community away from being inhabitants of the same physical space to encompass aspects of the communities shared experience, background, or values.

A note that ‘community’ is used as a general term here. Before starting this unit, teachers should decide the boundaries of the term, for example a ‘classroom community’, a ‘school community’, a ‘neighborhood community’, a ‘city community’, and so on.

Each issue includes:

  •  4 segments, designed to support learning around questions pertinent to our time.
  • Contents which include:
    • connections directly linked to ELA, Social Studies, or History.
    • artwork and artist examples
    • an art prompt or challenge
  • Flexible delivery options, including ideas for teaching in-person and remotely
  • Flexible material options

& Downloadable Teaching Supports:

  • A copy of the publication in PDF form to easily print student handouts.
  • Spanish translations of student handouts
  • A separate file linking to artworks on museum and gallery sites
  • Links to optional supplemental videos where applicable
  • Printable rubrics and assessments

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Our second annual Give With HeART Student Art Contest will close on midnight Eastern on Sunday, 12/04! 

There are a couple ways that you can participate: 

  • Submit artworks by students using Doodles Lessons (aged 5-11) that you have made with your class (link here​) 
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Either way, if they win YOU win! Amongst their prizes, they'll receive a $150 gift card to Blick – for their class.