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Our projects:

Our projects are intentionally flexible; we supply a comprehensive compendium of instructional materials that you can pull from, adapt, and make your own.

Our projects offer helpful pathways for strong classroom management through video content and choice-based lessons.

Our projects encourage student’s creativity to develop and flourish in individually unique ways, rather than step-by-step projects. 

  Our content:

  • Focuses on ideas and connects to cross-content topics in creative and engaging ways.
  • Includes prompts for dynamic discussions and reflections.
  • Always connects to diverse and contemporary artists and artworks.
  • Is rooted in student-choice, allowing room for students to share their personal stories, and connect authentically to the idea or prompt.
  • Is available to access for free or low cost. 

*Nationwide, the average elementary art teacher sees 460 students a year, with the majority receiving 30-45 minutes of prep a day.

We know that it is nearly impossible to thoughtfully plan a curriculum in the time allotted by most schools, which is why we support art teachers with access to high-quality instructional materials that they can easily adapt to fit their needs and teaching style.

“The lessons were super easy to use and make my own. There was enough structure and support in the plans that I felt like I had a clear plan, but also plenty of room for me to adjust as necessary based on my particular students and needs.”

-Phoebe Quin, Excel Charter School

“I enjoy that they [the Doodles lessons] utilize multiple ways of creating art and that they have ways to engage students in art history. Students are able to take away a different perspective of the world around them through engaging in multicultural art lessons. They also enjoy being able to express themselves visually when words don’t suffice.”

-Ms. K., Boyceville Community School District

“I am able to use Doodles Academy lessons in collaboration with the writing teachers; they are able to pull writing pieces from students based on the projects. They can read the lesson and understand the concepts, in order to get a more quality piece from them.”

-Ms. Karshner, Art Teacher, KY

“I was trained in VTS years ago and was a Reading Specialist/ELL teacher before becoming an Enrichment Specialist. Your offering is special and comprehensive! I appreciate the integration of literacy and art with creative thinking/social emotional learning. I look forward to implementing more and more of the Doodles curriculum.”

-Stephenie Going, Art teacher, White Salmon, WA

“The topics [in the Outside the Lines subscription series] are relevant to contemporary society and leave a lot of room for personal connections. The diversity in the artist examples is great. I have never seen such a thoughtful collection”

-Mr. P., Chicago


of art teachers polled said that Doodles was easy to customize to their specific needs, and strongly agreed that it helped their students create their own unique art.

It can be difficult to find the time, or resources, to build a strong, engaging, art program, but we are here to help. 

✔️ Our projects are steeped in cross-content materials, offering opportunities to connect with classroom teachers and raise awareness around your art program.

✔️ Our projects often include video content, effectively giving you a co-teacher as instructions are given. Student absent, or pulled from your classroom to make-up work? Videos allow them to easily get caught up without taking your time away from the rest of the class.

 ✔️ Our projects are rooted in student choice, which give you insight into students personal and cultural backgrounds, allowing you to build stronger relationships.

✔️ Our projects are all available for free, or at a low cost, eliminating any barriers to access them. Additionally, the Outside the Lines subscription series offers flexible material choices for budget-strapped teachers.

How to Use Doodles:


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Use all the time you saved to connect with your students and watch their creativity, and your relationship, thrive. 

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