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Empower Your Students Through Art: Unlock Arts Integration in Your Classroom in Just 3 Months!

Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers:

Give your students a more inclusive, choice-based, and engaging art education–with almost zero planning!

Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers:

Give your students a more inclusive, choice-based, and engaging art education–with almost zero planning!

Free 3-Month Teaching Collective Gives You…

  • Ready-to-implement activities every week
  • LIVE learning and practice with other like-minded educators
  • Multimedia resources with actionable tips and strategies
  • Chance to earn certified professional development credit


Monthly module sneak-peek!


Daily Visual Journaling Challenge


Discussing Art in the Classroom


Supercharging Cross-Content Learning With Art

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Dear heart-centered educator,

You believe ART can transform your teaching and empower your students to live fulfilling lives…

Yet you’re not sure where to start—or you’re a seasoned art integrator looking for new inspiration.

If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Square One

Google “arts integration,” and you’ll likely be overwhelmed with cookie-cutter strategies and brainy overviews that aren’t actionable.

And even when you DO find an actionable idea, what worked for another educator may not work for your one-of-a-kind class.

This puts many educators back at square one, frustrated. Ultimately, their students end up missing out on the transformative power of art in the classroom!

Instead, imagine this…

What if you could receive practical and ready-to-implement activities delivered in bite-sized chunks each week?

What if you could try out new strategies in your classroom as you learn them?

And best of all—what if you could get feedback and practice time with a collective of like-minded educators?

Welcome to Outside the Lines!

After this 3-month journey, you’ll walk away with the skills and confidence to weave visual arts into your lesson plans, regardless of the subject.

This leads to deeper cross-content learning…stronger bonds with your students…and an even more gratifying teaching experience.

Embracing art in the classroom has never been this easy—or this fun!


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Current or past Outside the Lines subscriber?

Welcome back! As you can see, your membership just became even more exciting and valuable. In addition to this 3-month live professional development experience, your annual subscription will give you access to eight new ready-to-teach lessons after the new year. No need to do anything—just keep an eye on your inbox!

October Module:

Daily Visual Journaling Challenge

How it works:

  1. Every Monday, you’ll get 5 fun and varied journaling prompts (appropriate for all ages!).
  2. Throughout the week, you and your students will make art following the prompts using any media you like.
  3. Each week, you’ll answer thought-provoking reflection questions and submit them for 4 certified professional development hours (optional)!

Your Teacher’s Guide to Visual Journaling will include:

  • 9 ways to use visual journaling as a powerful teaching tool
  • 3 steps to introducing visual journaling in your classroom
  • Simple supplies list so you can get started quickly and easily

BONUS! Your Assessment Workbook will include:

  • Weekly reflection questions you can answer for professional development credit
  • Powerful assessment strategies (including a strategy for less verbal students!)
  • Ways to evaluate class-wide themes and topics at the end of the month.

100% FREE forever!

November Module:

Discussing Art in the Classroom

How it works:

  • Get a step-by-step strategy for enhancing learning through artwork discussions.
  • Access curated image sets so you can start practicing right away.
  • Fill out reflection prompts for certified professional development credit.

Your Teacher’s Guide to Arts Integration will include:

  • Images you can use to expand your students’ understanding around specific topic areas
  • Methods and best practices for discussing artworks in the classroom
  • Step-by-step ways to introduce new strategies into your classroom

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December Module: Supercharging Cross-Content Learning With Art

Art has the power to deepen your students’ learning…encourage interpretation…enhance problem-solving…boost creativity…enable authentic communication…and much more! This module will help you gain a more detailed understanding of how visual arts can enhance your students’ holistic development.


Learn from a top-notch panel of art integration experts via value-packed lessons delivered to your inbox!

Panel discussion with Q&A:

Join a LIVE panel discussion and take your knowledge and skills to the next level—and even have a chance to get your questions answered!

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    Meet Doodles Academy

    Doodles Academy is a nonprofit founded in 2015 that works with educators nationwide. Since then, we’ve grown into a passionate community of classroom teachers, art teachers, volunteers, donors, and partners.

    Through academically impactful curricula, virtual workshops, and our passionate nationwide teacher community, we provide resources that empower educators like you to become advocates for high-quality art education in their schools and classrooms.

    Nationally we’ve partnered with educational providers like the Core Knowledge Foundation, Student Achievement Partners, and the Nevada Institute of Art.

    In 2022 alone, our resources reached an estimated 6,908 students!

    “My students do not get art class this year and Doodles Academy makes it possible for me to bring art to my students in our contained class. This is invaluable.

    Emma Howland-Bolton, 5th grade, Detroit, MI

    My students love art and are very artistic, but I am not an artist or art teacher and I would be totally lost trying to teach art on my own.

    (cont.) Emma Howland-Bolton, 5th grade, Detroit, MI

    With the art work, videos, ideas, instructions, materials, and CCSS, this is a complete package that makes arts education possible for my students. THANK YOU!!”

    (cont.) Emma Howland-Bolton, 5th grade, Detroit, MI

    “The lessons were super easy to use and make my own. There was enough structure and support in the plans that I felt like I had a clear plan, but also plenty of room for me to adjust as necessary based on my particular students and needs.”

    Phoebe Quin, 4th grade, Excel Charter School

    “Your curriculum is very helpful in engaging students to connect their art to other aspects of school...writing, reading, etc. I have seen the creativity in my students come out in their writing after we have completed an art lesson.”

    Angela Motter, Classroom teacher, Reno, NV

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    We firmly believe that effective arts integration can transform your students’ learning—and impact the rest of your teaching career.

    That’s why this 90-day professional development experience gives you everything you need to unlock arts integration in your classroom!

    And it’s FREE!

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