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Art & Advocacy

Students learn about how designers can advocate through design by exploring water avocacy groups; they choose a contemporary topic that they care about and design a persuasive poster about it.


SW learn about how Charity:Water is using graphic design to advocate for water quality and access in rural areas. Students work in groups of 3-4, analyze effective poster design, and mock-up a poster advocating a solution to a water-related problem.  

Note: Students will have enough information at hand to complete this project in one day using provided facts.  Teachers can opt to allow students time to find their own water facts through books and websites, but will then need to provide additional worktime.


SW learn about simplicity in messaging, then brainstorm and sketch a poster illustration and message for a topic that is meaningful to them.   

Note: if the class is working on a water unit, or students are doing persuasive speeches, the educator might want to consider deepening the learning being done in the classroom by limiting students to a specific advocacy topic rather than letting them choose their own.


SW use their sculpture from Lesson 1 as a still life, looking carefully at the details that make it unique as they draw it on oversized paper.


SW add any additional details they want on their drawing, then finish it with paint. They will have at least 2 sessions to paint.

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