Art & Literacy

The Art & Literacy Curriculum is designed to build knowledge around common ELA topics

The Art & Literacy Curriculum is paired with supplemental materials, such as text sets and cross-content vocabulary, to support literacy learning outcomes.

The Art & Literacy Curriculum encourages students to create unique artworks that connect the literacy topic to their personal lives, interests, and experiences.   

Art can be a powerful tool for building knowledge and understanding around content-rich literacy topics.

With the Art & Literacy Curriculum, we offer thoughtful and thorough lesson planning, student-facing videos, and implementation support.

Art teachers have the opportunity to increase the perceived value of their program by integrating it deeply with the learning being done in the classroom.

Classroom teachers have the opportunity to offer another, highly engaging, learning pathway to their students. 

Everyone was comfortable teaching the projects–we could see everything really clearly. The video lessons supplemented those things that we wouldn’t have been comfortable teaching. Further, the kids were SO into it. It was really cool to see kids who don’t do as well academically having an opportunity to excel, and for other students to SEE them excel.”

-Phoebe Quin, Excel Charter School

“The Art & Literacy Curriculum created by Doodles has led to meaningful, creative artistic thought.  My students are excited and engaged about creating and writing about their art!”

-Alyssa Lindstrom, Art Teacher, Discovery Charter School,  Rochester, NY

Great curriculum that incorporates language, art and collaboration. We are appreciative of all of the support, videos and communication to help with student mastery.“

-Barbara Powell, 4th Grade Classroom Teacher, Robert Sanders School, San Jose, CA

Each topic area is addressed through an art project, consisting of five sequential lessons.

Art & Literacy Projects Include: 

✔️ Artworks to discuss

✔️ Video Demonstrations

✔️ Text Sets

✔️ Supply Lists

✔️ Tier 2 & Tier 3 Vocabulary

✔️ Emailed teaching tips and management strategies as educators work through the lessons

✔️ Optional virtual training. 

See specific content & examples: 

How to Access the Art & Literacy Curriculum:


Search our Project Library, using the ‘Art & Literacy’ curriculum filter, and stream any of the projects for free.  


Choose your grade level, be automatically enrolled in the associated projects, and access downloadable/printable lesson plans for each. 


Access four virtual training modules that specifically explore art as a teaching tool, and offer instructional strategies to increase success. 

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