Art & Literacy 

Projects that build knowledge around content-rich literacy topics. 


With the Art & Literacy Curriculum, common literacy topics were identified for each grade by comparing OER literacy curricula. We then created a series of art projects designed to build knowledge around the ELA topics, and paired the projects with supplemental materials to support literacy learning outcomes.

Designed around research proving that ELA outcomes are increased when students are presented with content-rich curricula that offers a body of knowledge about the world, it is also rooted in art practices that support building skills, such as critical thinking and group discussion, that can be applied cross-curricularly. Finally, it encourages students to create unique artworks that connect the literacy topic to their personal lives, interests, and experiences. 

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✔︎ Artworks to discuss

✔︎ Video demonstrations

✔︎ Text sets

✔︎ Supply lists

✔︎ Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary

✔︎ Emailed teaching tips and management strategies as educators work through the lessons.

✔︎ Optional virtual training



“The Art & Literacy Curriculum created by Doodles has led to meaningful, creative artistic thought.  My students are excited and engaged about creating and writing about their art!”
Alyssa Lindstrom

Art Teacher, Rochester Discovery, Rochester, NY

The Projects



  • The projects are all available to steam for free once you create a login.
  • If you want downloadable/printable lesson plans, visit the download page. After purchasing, you will be automatically enrolled in your grade-level projects (accessible through the ‘my-artroom’ link at the top of the page).
  • Projects below are labeled with the literacy topics they align to.


A note: If you see a topic that applies to your curriculum but it is listed under a different grade, please use it! All of our projects are process based and easily adjusted to fit many skill levels. That being said, the text sets and vocabulary are aligned with the grades listed above.

Additional Support

Supports for using the Art & Literacy Curriculum, including virtual training as well as custom pages built for schools to host the curriculum and track user progress. Click on any of the products to learn more.


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