Artist, Explorer, Scientist

Students learn about John Audubon & scientific drawing. They choose an animal, research it, and draw an accurate picture of the animal in it’s habitat.

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Stella, finished with watercolor (using Doodles at Home)

Kew Beach P.S. in Toronto, ON; finished with printmaking

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  • 5 sequential lesson plans, designed to be taught by a teacher
  • Primary Material: Pencil, printmaking.
  • Adaptable for all elementary aged students, but aligned to topics taught in 1st and 2nd grade ELA curricula.
  • Four lessons that are adapted to be used independently using our virtual platform.
  • Primary Material: Pencil, watercolor.
  • Adaptable for all elementary aged students.

Included in:

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Our second annual Give With HeART Student Art Contest will close on midnight Eastern on Sunday, 12/04! 

There are a couple ways that you can participate: 

  • Submit artworks by students using Doodles Lessons (aged 5-11) that you have made with your class (link here​) 
  • Encourage students to attend a live art-making event with their caregivers (registration here​) 

Either way, if they win YOU win! Amongst their prizes, they'll receive a $150 gift card to Blick – for their class.