Texts & Media, ‘Artist, Explorer, Scientist’: 


Core Texts:

These are texts directly referenced and included in the lessons. 

A collection of Books about locations/habitats, such as:

-Web of Life series by Madeline Dunphy

The above texts are optional, as you can alternatively allow students to research on their own computers/tablets.

Text Set:

Text Sets support all learners, especially those with background knowledge or vocabulary deficits, by building up these domains through a volume of reading on Science, Social Studies, and other high interest topics. You can learn more about building and using text sets here.

The texts listed below have been pulled from readworks.org, newsela.org, El Education modules, and resources referenced in text sets from achievethecore.org based on their connection to the topics addressed in this lesson.  In addition, we have partnered with Lee & Low, the largest multicultural children’s book publisher in the United States, to add to the text set and ensure that there are fiction and non-fiction selections that represent a diverse set of experiences.

Texts listed are at a variety of reading levels and could be read aloud or printed/provided for students to read, depending on the needs of the readers in your classroom. These texts are not integrated into the lessons; they are an optional extension, and listed here as a reference for educators interested in building their student’s background knowledge around the project’s core topic.

 1st Grade, Birds:


Title  Author Type
readworks.org ‘Birds’, Article a Day Collection Various Article/Non-fiction
readworks.org The American Bird Susan LaBella Article/Non-fiction
readworks.org A Really Big Bird Readworks Article/Non-fiction
newsela.com Caught on Camera: The greater bird-of-paradise By bioGraphic, adapted by Newsela staff Article/non-fiction
newsela.org Poo-Poo Project saves birds and makes people laugh By Atlas Obscura, adapted by Newsela staff Article/non-fiction
newsela.org Researchers use museum bones to study extinct flightless dodo bird By AFP, adapted by Newsela staff Article/non-fiction
newsela.org Scientists study how to save birds’ rest stops during migration By NASA, adapted by Newsela staff Article/non-fiction
newsela.org Racing pigeon sold for more than a million dollars By Atlas Obscura, adapted by Newsela staff Article/non-fiction
1452131481 An Egg is Quiet  by Dianna Aston Book/non-fiction
1561454745 A Place for Birds  by Melissa Stewart Book./non-fiction
141693359X City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male by Meghan McCarthy Book/non-fiction
9781620140048 Parrots Over Puerto Rico

By Susan L. Roth, Cindy Trumbore

Illustrated by Susan L. Roth

9781600604249 Puffling Patrol

By Ted Lewin, Betsy Lewin

Photographed by Ted Lewin, Betsy Lewin

9781584301646 Everglades Forever: Restoring America’s Great Wetland

By Trish Marx

Photographed by Cindy Karp

9780892393077 Nana’s Big Surprise / Nana, ¡Qué Sorpresa!

By Amada Irma Pérez

Illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez

9780892391691 The Harvest Birds / Los pájaros de la cosecha

By Blanca López de Mariscal

Illustrated by Enrique Flores

9781885008572 The Crane Girl

By Curtis Manley

Illustrated by Lin Wang

Book/fiction (with non-fiction elements at the end) 
9780892391103 Nine-In-One, Grr! Grr!

By Blia Xiong, Cathy Spagnoli

Illustrated by Nancy Hom

*see also the texts listed as ‘optional’ within the Books/Media part of the lesson. While these are incorporated into the lesson itself as an optional extension, they would make useful additions to a text set. 

 2nd Grade, Pollination: 

ISBN/Website  Title  Author Type
1620142295 Raymond’s Perfect Present

By Therese On Louie

Illustrated by Suling Wang

158430829X Hello Flower

By Uma Krishnaswami

Illustrated by Winifred Barnum-Newman

1600603432 Grandma’s Purple Flowers By Adjoa J. Burrowes Book/fiction 
9781553655336 The Little Hummingbird by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas Book
9781561457847 A Place for Butterflies by Melissa Stewart and  Higgins Bond Book
9781561457632 A Place for Bats by Melissa Stewart Book

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