Doodles Academy Arty Parties:

Where Art Meets Celebration!

Join us in Ann Arbor or surrounding areas for unique and unforgettable art-themed birthday parties that will spark creativity and joy. Our special arty parties are designed to make your child’s birthday celebration truly exceptional, offering artistic adventures, hands-on activities, and a whole lot of fun! Let us turn your child’s special day into a masterpiece of memories with Doodles Academy.

Grab the Artistic Adventure!

Our Parties Are Here for a Limited Time Only – New Excitement Every Year!

Check out these thrilling Arty Parties, only available through August 2024:


Crazy Happy Hats!:

Welcome to our whimsical Arty Party! Calling all young artists and crafters to join us on a magical adventure of creativity and laughter. At this one-of-a-kind party, kids get to design their very own Crazy Happy Hats using vibrant paper and enchanting materials. They’ll let their imaginations run wild as they craft hats that are as unique and colorful as they are. With our expert guidance, they’ll transform their materials into fantastical headwear that’s perfect for a day of joyful, imaginative play. It’s a celebration of creativity, where kids can express themselves, have a blast, and leave with a one-of-a-kind hat that’s sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Let the hat-making magic begin!



Magical Castle-Building Adventure:

Join us for an unforgettable journey of imagination and construction during our Magical Castle-Building Adventure! Young architects and creative minds will be thrilled by this Spectacular Birthday Bash. Our skilled instructors will lead a captivating castle-building workshop using cardboard and magical cardboard tools. Kids will design and build their own fortresses, fit for knights, princesses, and dragons; hosts choice of whether or not this is a collaborative life-sized castle (that gets left behind) or smaller individual castles (that kids can take home). 

Enchanted Lands Arty Party:

Wonder no more about your very own fairytale world—join us for an enchanting art-filled celebration! With guidance from the talented Doodles Academy team, kids will immerse themselves in the magical realms of fairy tales, discovering the secrets of crafting enchanting worlds in diorama form. They’ll learn the art of creating depth in their artworks, mastering the use of backgrounds, middle-grounds, and foregrounds to give life to their enchanting lands! This delightful project, perfect for slightly older kids (3rd grade and up), includes all the necessary materials to bring their enchanted worlds to life!



Doodles offers a one-hour, hands-on art instruction and creation experience, led by a team of at least two instructors

Base Rate 



Per-Child Rate 




Up to 24


The base rate includes the birthday child + siblings. It includes 2 instructors for up to 24 child participants, 3 instructors for 24-36 child participants, all art supplies, and thematically aligned stationery templates that can be edited for the invitations.

Per-child rates apply to guests outside of the primary household.

Our dedicated instructors arrive 20 minutes before the session to set up and ensure a smooth start, and they stay to clean the art-making area after the 1-hour art activity.

Add-on Option: Enhance your art party with our optional Goody Bag featuring delightful art-themed party favors, available for an additional fee of $10 per child.

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