1. Pitesila the Superhero

2. Space Elephant

3. Self Portrait

“I made this artwork for the Superheroes project as part of a comic book I created. I made it by blending tons of watercolour paint colours together. In some spots I only used 1 color, waited for it to dry and then added a new color on top. I wanted there to be more female superheroes so I made Pitesila look like a Marvel character. Her superpower is controlling time. You can see there are 2 clocks on each side of her and a time portal behind her. I didn’t want my superhero to look like a pretty princess so I gave her a mohawk and big muscles.”

-Ella S., Grade 4; Canada

Project Used: Superheroes!


“They are looking at an elephant that lives in outer space and always searches the Mars for aliens that would come on to Earth and scare the humans. I used a pencil and then used markers and colored with solid colors an then colored with patterns. My favorite part is that the background is like right from a movie. “

-Ainsley, Young 5’s; Michigan

Project Used: A Toy’s Story


-From Ms. Farrell’s Artoom; New York

Project Used: Symbol & Self


4. Enchanted Forest

5. Sneaky Criminal Raccoon

“I made an enchanted forest using glitter and large mushrooms, I like to think of fantasy lands and it makes me really happy.”

-Autumn F., Grade 5; Colorado

Project Used: Enchanted Lands


“I made a raccoon who got up onto the roof. Because he’s a sneaky criminal, he made holes in the roof, stole fruit from their trees, half ate some, then splattered it on the side, high up, and hard to reach.”

-Daphne, Grade 4; California

Project used: Anthropomorphic Animals


6. Gary the gorilla that makes you laugh

7. Hanukkah 🕎 hat 👒

During these tough times people are finding less and less reasons to smile and laugh something on. And that’s when Gary steps in he uses his tricks and jokes whatever which can make people giggly and lighten people’s mood a bit. And you may always have a superhero with his typical powers. But the real superheroes are the ones who stay there for you and possibly make you laugh a bit! I used to see a lot of circus Themed movies and shows so I kinda got some inspiration from there to use a gorilla as the subject and overall I had fun while making it. 🙂

-Skanda R., Grade 8, India

Project Used: Superheroes!


“I love to draw my favorite things to draw are fashion and anime. Why I drew the hat is because I love to draw accessories for fashion related types of drawing.”

-Zoe, Grade 5; Michigan

Project Used: Outside the Lines, Issue 8


8. Cat Woman

9. Lake & Mountains at Night

“Her powers are to jump higher than other people. The coolest thing is that she can jump high.”

-Kamora, 2nd Grade, Georgia

Project Used: Superheroes


-Roosevelt, Grade 2; California

Project Used: Near & Far


9.  Recycling sculpture

10. Castle

“How I made it is out of recycled materials.”

-Felix H., 1st Grade, Michigan

Project Used: Embracing Challenges


-Christy, Grade 2; Iowa

Project Used: Dream House


11.  Self-Portrait

-From Ms. Farrell’s Artoom; New York

Project Used: Symbol & Self

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