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Doodles Academy presents artworks in the public domain as well as works that are protected by copyright and used in accordance with fair use for informational or educational purposes. If you are the copyright holder of a work of art used within our lessons and do not agree that it falls under fair use, please contact us by email.


Project: Designing the Zodiac
File Name Image Used in… Image Owner/Location
DZ.L1.I2 Pic of Night Sky Video, L1 Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L1.I3 Icons Video, L1 Noun Project, paid member
DZ.L2.I11. ‘School of Athens’ by Raphael Video, L1 Public Domain, Fair use
DZ.L1.I5 Pic of Orion Video, L1 By 阿爾特斯 [CC BY-SA 3.0]
DZ.L1.I6 ‘Equinox: Analemma over the Callanish Stones’, by Giuseppe Petricca Inspiration Image, L1 NASA
DZ.L2.I1 Greek Painting, Thor’s Fight with the Giants by Mårten Eskil Winge, 1872 Video, L2 Public Domain, Fair Use
DZ.L2.I2 Greek Pottery Video, L2 Public Domain, Fair Use, Found on Wikimedia, Located at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
DZ.L2.I3 Hercules Constellation Video, L2 By IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg) ([1]) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
DZ.L2.I4 Costellation Map Video, L2 [Public domain]
DZ.L2.I5 Pegasus Constellation Art Video, L2 Sidney Hall [Public domain], from Wikipedia
DZ.L2.I6 Artwork: Pegasus Video, L2 Public Domain, Fair use
DZ.L2.I7 Artwork: Pegasus Video, L2 Public Domain, Fair use
DZ.L2.I8 Zeus & Pegasus Statue Video, L2 Antoine Coysevox [Public domain], From Wikipedia
DZ.L2.I9 Pegasus Constellation Photo Video, L2 By Till Credner [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
DZ.L2.L10 Greek Sculpture Video, L2 Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L2.I11 ‘School of Athens’ by Raphael Video, L2 Public Domain, Fair use
DZ.L2.I12 Earthquake Video, L2, Thoughtbubbles Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L2.I13 God in Water Video, L2, Thoughtbubbles Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L2.I4 God’s Foot Video, L2, Thoughtbubbles Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L2.I15 Hercules and the Hydra of Lerna, by Antonio Tempesta & Nicolo Van Aelst, 1608. Inspiration Image, L2 Public Domain, Fair use, Located at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
DZ.L3.I16 Person looking at the starts Video, L3 Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L3.I17 Icons in sky Video, L3 Noun Project, paid member
DZ.L3.I18 Time-lapse of Big-Dipper Moving Across the Sky Video, L3 From YouTube, repeated attempts to contact the owner were not responded to, YouTube username listed on the screen during the time-lapse and in credits. ‘AstroJML’.
DZ.L3.I19 Image of Micmac people Video, L3 Image from page 95 of “Beothuk and Micmac” (1922), no known copyright restrictions
DZ.L3.I20 Bear Constellation Video, L3 Image from Flickr: Slide produced by the Province of Ontario Picture Bureau, probably in the 1920s, for use in Ontario schools. Public Domain
DZ.L3.I21 Picture of the Night Sky Moving Video, L3 Pictures of the night sky (Ursa Major) taken from,  used with permission from © Dominic Ford. Credited in video
DZ.L3.I22 Picture of the Night Sky Moving Video, L3
DZ.L3.I23 Picture of the Night Sky Moving Video, L3
DZ.L3.I24 Picture of the Night Sky Moving Video, L3
DZ.L3.I25 Tlingit artist, Bear Mask, ca. 1890 Inspiration Image, L3 Public Domain, fair use. Located at the Portland Art Musuem
DZ.L4.I26 picture of Inca king painting Video, L4 wikipedia commons, public domain
DZ.L4.I27 Map of Incan Empire Video, L4 By L’Américain [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], from Wikimedia Commons (credited in credits)
DZ.L4.I28 photoshop of an lion under the night sky, then with the red star Video, L4 See star picture used in L2, Pixabay. Lion Icon from Noun project (paid member).
DZ.L4.I29 Picture of the Milky Way Video, L4 Pixabay, fair use
DZ.L4.I30 Picture of the Milky Way + icons Video, L4 Noun Project, paid member
DZ.L4.I31 Constellation Painting by Miguel Araoz Cartagena Video, L4 & Inspiration Image Copyrighted by Miguel Araoz Cartagena, used under Fair Use (instructional). Credited on screen and in credits. Located at the Archaeological Museum of Cusco.

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