In this unit, artists study the woman artist ‘Georgia O’Keeffe’, looking in particular at the way she would frame and compose her images. They bring in objects that are special to them (or use objects provided by the teacher) and draw them, closely considering their own compositions as they work. Finally, they work with watercolors to fill them in.

Olesheguen, 1st Grade

Exceed Charter School, Brooklyn, NY

Scope & Sequence:

Lesson 1: In this lesson, student artists learn about the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and familiarize themselves with her work. 

Lesson 2: In this lesson, student artists look at a small object and make a drawing of it, enlarging it and finding details.

Lesson 3: In this lesson, student artists choose one of their drawings from Lesson 2 and re-draw it on watercolor paper, enlarging it so that it fills the paper.

Lesson 4: In this lesson, student artists map out the colors of their watercolors with washes.

Lesson 5: Student artists refine and define their color map.

Lesson 6: Optional. a final day for finishing.

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The above will take you to a supply list that assumes a class size of 30. Adjust according to your needs. 


Books & Media:
‘My Name Is Georgia: A Portrait’, by Jeanette Winter (consider photocopying selections or getting multiple copies from the library)

Art Elements: 

shape/form, color, value


Art Principles: 

proportion/scale, emphasis


National Core Visual Art Standards: VA:Cr1.1.1a, VA:Cr1.2.1a, VA:Cr3.1.2a, VA:Re.7.2.1a, VA:Re8.1.1a, VA:Re8.1.2a



Language Arts (could connect to learning O’Keeffe’s biography, or a woman in history unit), Science (could connect to a unit on plants or deserts), Geography (connect to a unit on desert)


Common Core Standards: 

W.1.8, SL.1.1a, SL.1.1b, SL.1.1c, SL.1.3, SL.2.1a, SL.2.1b, SL.2.1c, SL.2.3



Suggestion: have bins for each table or section that contain the materials and simply add the new materials needed for each lesson. Assign a student artist the job of passing materials out after the ‘Check for Understanding’ part of the lesson. During the lessons where students will be drawing many object, think about how student artists will gain access to the selection of objects that the teacher has provided, and set limitations on how many they can have by their seat at any given time

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