You’re Invited to a No-Cost LIVE Panel Discussion!

Secrets to Boosting Your Students’ Growth With Art!

Four Dynamic Experts

Open-Floor Q&A

Professional Development Credit

Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers:

Give your students a more inclusive, choice-based, and engaging art education–with almost zero planning!

Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers:

Give your students a more inclusive, choice-based, and engaging art education–with almost zero planning!

📅  December 13, 7 pm EST

Our conversation will unfold in four parts:

On December 13 at 7 pm Eastern time, we’re hosting an interactive panel discussion with four art education experts—and you’re invited!

More and more educators are tapping into the extraordinary power of art integration in the classroom. And they’re seeing amazing results in their students’ cognitive development, self-expression, problem-solving, cross-content connections, and more!

This no-cost live discussion is designed to help you get there too—whether you’re just stepping into the world of art integration or you’re a veteran eager to broaden your horizons! 

What is Art?

Discover the profound influence art has on the cognitive development of your students.

What is the Purpose of Art?

Explore how art fosters empathy, encourages self-expression, integrates across various subjects, nurtures global citizenship, and more.

How Do We Assess the Impact?

Learn to evaluate your students’ art with tangible, evidence-based methods.

Open-Floor Q&A Session

Here’s your chance to ask your burning questions!

You’ll leave this session feeling more empowered to incorporate art into your classroom as a genuine tool for learning and assessment.

Plus, when you attend live, you’ll sign in and earn professional development credits for your time!

When you RSVP, you’ll also get a free subscription to Outside the Lines, an ongoing professional development series for art-focused educators! If you’re already a subscriber, please RSVP right away so we know to expect you on December 13.

Get to know our expert panel:

Emily Hardy

Emily Hardy, a licensed and board-certified clinical Art Therapist in New York City, specializes in working with children of all developmental stages and adults from diverse backgrounds. She is passionate about empowering educators to recognize developmental stages and potential challenges by assessing student art, using theories from Piaget & Lowenfeld, while nurturing creativity and providing necessary support. 

Alyssa Marchand

Alyssa is an art educator at Discovery Charter School in Rochester, NY who brings a rich background with degrees in Art Education from Nazareth College and a decade of diverse teaching experience. She excels in integrating art across curricula, evident in projects like scientific frog drawings for zoo cards and play sets for historical presentations. She is also an active member of the New York State Art Teachers Association in various leadership roles.

Sarah Graham

Sarah is an innovative instructional designer and education consultant. She specializes in creating transformative, culturally responsive curricula for young learners. Sarah’s focus is on utilizing art as a powerful medium to foster empathy and understanding.

Dana Squires

Dana is an art integration specialist with over two decades of experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge from teaching art across all educational levels and diverse contexts, including work with refugee organizations and international experiences. Her expertise in Harvard University’s Making Thinking Visible concepts informs her approach to integrating visual art in various subjects, emphasizing its role in both creation and appreciation to enhance learning.

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