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Designing the Zodiac

Students learn about constellations across many different cultures and create their own constellation and write their own origin story.


SW learn that nearly every culture found ‘pictures’ amongst the stars in the sky, and these pictures would describe characters from myths, earthbound creatures, or sometimes objects. They then get copies of constellation dots and they connect the dots to make their own ‘constellations’


SW learn about Greek constellation ‘origin stories’. Using a self-paced work-packet as a guide, they choose 1 (or more) of their brainstormed constellations from lesson 1 and use a story map to roughly write or illustrate an origin story


SW learn learn about a Native American constellation myth, and how the characters often enacted a narrative in the sky. Students use their origin story to design a composition, and begin work on a final drawing.


SW learn about the Inca People, and how they saw constellations in the absence of stars. They then have two days to paint their drawings. 

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