Give today. Impact Forever. 

The skills students learn in the arts lead to lifelong success. 

Over the last year, Doodles Academy has provided high quality visual art lessons to more teachers than ever before: in the last year alone over 1700 educators accessed and used our free virtual content, which means we reached thousands of students. 

To see more highlights from our last fiscal year, please view our 2020 End-of-Year Report below. 

Doodles Academy is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, EIN: 47-4434306, and donations are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law.

Help us keep the lights on.


Why should you donate monthly?

If you find value in what we do, please consider making a recurring monthly donation of your choosing. It takes us hundreds of hours a month to research, compose, and market our content, and thousands of dollars a year to sustain. Your support, in any amount, really matters. Here’s how: 

1. It provides predictable revenue

Monthly giving helps us avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we can spend less time on fundraising and more time on strategic planning, marketing, lesson development, outreach, and teacher training. 

2. Simply put, it sustains our work.

Sustaining Patrons support the day-to-day work of Doodles Academy and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to our mission.

Give the Gift of Access. 


Why should you donate to Doodles Academy?

Innovative Programming

We are an online  art curriculum–one that supports students in creating their own authentic artworks and is adaptable to allow teachers to put their unique spin on the learning experience for their students

 Large Reach 

Through our virtual distribution, we are able to reach more students in more locations, while keeping operational costs down. 

We work towards closing the opportunity gap by making sure that our curriculum is easy to implement whether or not educators have a background in the arts.


All children deserve outlets for creative expression, emotional development and social learning.  That means we must fund art education where it might otherwise be absent. Doodles Academy is doing important work that we should all support!  If you would want art education for your own child, we should be willing to step up to the plate to ensure it is available to ALL children.”

Karen Watson, Michigan

“Art Education is important because it addresses an important part of the child that, if neglected, can go fallow – creativity. I donated to Doodles Academy because they reach so many children with great programs.” 

-J.S., Oregon

“I donated to Doodles Academy because art classes were classes I loved as a child, and likely made the more creative adult I am today. Also, I’ve heard art makes us smarter. We desperately need people to be as smart as possible.”

Liz Mathews, Minnesota

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