The Educator Leadership Council is a small team of educators, located throughout the country, who serve a critical role in the development of our curriculum. Joining our volunteer team offers the opportunity to grow, learn, and make a difference.


To Apply: Email your resume and letter of interest to

2022/23 applications are due August 8th. 


About the Opportunity:

Doodles Academy develops top-rate art content that is deeply integrated with other subject areas; literacy, social studies, and history, as well as contemporary events. We pride ourselves on curricula that presents artworks and introduces projects that broaden student knowledge and understanding of the world and the people around them, and which gives students time to explore these ideas through personally authentic art experiences. As a non-profit, we work to increase access to quality visual art curricula by offering ours for free or low cost. 

The Educator Leadership Council is a network of volunteers who serve a critical role in the development of new curricular content, with a particular focus on our Outside the Lines project series. Council members provide feedback on potential projects and initiatives, shareables, or other resources and opportunities. They help with the development of new content through brainstorming sessions, and they peer-review content before its release, specifically pulling on their experience as an educator and reflecting on the community they work with. Outside of the development of content, some council members may also test (or find colleagues to test) new projects in their own classroom, or participate in opportunities to teach and share, such as through blogs or workshops.

See an example of what the Educator Leadership Council helps to develop: 


Members of the council serve for three-year minimum terms (terms can be renewed). Participation is flexible and can work around changing schedules and circumstances. Throughout the school year (Aug-March), the Educator Leadership Council meets regularly to oversee the development of Outside the Lines –  approximately once every 4-6 weeks.  Additional review work may be done as needed virtually, and individual Committee members have the option to participate in additional curriculum development and advocacy opportunities as they arise. 


Council responsibilities include:

Creating and Reviewing curriculum materials, which includes:

    1. Acting as a thought partner in the development of Outside the Lines curriculum
    2. Reviewing the Outside the Lines curriculum to make sure that it is inclusive of the community the educator serves and making suggestions when applicable. 
    3. Advising on strategy and development of curriculum, as well as bespoke opportunities (e.g., curriculum developed by Doodles for other organizations)

Acting as a partner in grant applications, which may include:

    1. Writing letters of recommendation
    2. Where applicable, piloting programs 

Acting as an advocate, which may include: 

    1. Acting as a strong advocate for Doodles Academy during networking, either in person or on digital platforms
    2. Testing and reviewing new projects, and publicly sharing experiences teaching Doodles Academy projects. 
    3. Writing blog posts for Doodles Academy or partner organizations. 
    4. Participating or co-leading workshops, twitter chats, or other bespoke opportunities.

The Team:

The Educator Leadership Council is currently made up to 9 educators. We strive to represent a diverse collection of communities and teaching scenarios. Doodles Academy is a national non-profit, and in our resources we strive to understand, accept, and value the differences between the people in all of these communities, included but not limited to different economic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and disabilities. We believe in building a team that mirrors the population of students historically and currently underserved in school, and so value experience (personal or professional) supporting BIPOC students, students with IEPs, and students who are English Learners.

To Apply: Email your resume and letter of interest to

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