Low on prep time – or looking for inspiration?

Our professionally designed art projects are flexible and require almost zero prep. 

And they’re intentionally designed to:

  • Encourage individual expression through a choice-based approach
  • Enable academic advancement by integrating with core curricula
  • Embrace global citizenship by exposing students to a wide diversity of ideas and cultures
  • Establish 21st-century life skills like listening, speaking, and creative problem-solving

Each project includes:

  • 5 comprehensive lesson plans
  • Video instruction
  • Diverse artworks for discussion
  • Discussion strategies
  • Supplies lists
  • Handouts
  • Emailed teaching tips and classroom management strategies
  • Ideas for early finishers
  • Solutions to common problems

Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers:

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What teachers are saying:

“My students do not get art class this year and Doodles Academy makes it possible for me to bring art to my students in our contained class. This is invaluable. My students love art and are very artistic, but I am not an artist or art teacher and I would be totally lost trying to teach art on my own. With the art work, videos, ideas, instructions, materials, and CCSS, this is a complete package that makes arts education possible for my students. THANK YOU!!”

Emma Howland-Bolton, 5th grade, Detroit, MI

“The lessons were super easy to use and make my own. There was enough structure and support in the plans that I felt like I had a clear plan, but also plenty of room for me to adjust as necessary based on my particular students and needs.”

Phoebe Quin, 4th grade, Excel Charter School


“Your curriculum is very helpful in engaging students to connect their art to other aspects of school…writing, reading, etc. I have seen the creativity in my students come out in their writing after we have completed an art lesson.”

Angela Motter, Classroom teacher, Reno, NV


Photos, left to right: Mrs. D’Amelio, Mount Erie Elementary; Anacortes, WA; Ms. Powell, Mount Pleasant Elementary, San Jose, CA; Ms. Marchand, Discovery Charter School, Rochester, NY.

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About Doodles Academy

Doodles Academy was founded in 2015 as a nonprofit to expand children’s access to high-quality arts education. 

Since then, we’ve grown into a passionate collective of classroom teachers, art teachers, volunteers, donors, and partners. 

In 2020 alone, over 1,700 teachers used our resources!

*image from Ms. Howland-Bolton’s 5th Grade classroom in Detroit, MI

Our art lessons will help you:

  • Deliver a standards-aligned, high-quality, and irresistibly engaging art experience with almost zero prep!
  • Create space for your students to express themselves freely rather than follow cookie-cutter instructions
  • Empower your students in their academic and personal lives by supporting other subjects and teaching invaluable 21st-century life skills
  • Embrace global citizenship by exposing them to a wide diversity of cultures and ideas

And our online platform makes it easy to select projects, organize them in one place, and track your progress.

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