Help Your Kids Recognize Their Real-Life Superpowers!

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Images from the ‘Discover Your Superhero Persona!’ class at Ann Arbor Public Schools, done in Winter 2023

Join our upcoming family art workshops to celebrate National Superhero Day with your kids and support accessible art education!

Dear parent,

As parents, we want nothing more than to see our kids living happy and fulfilling lives!

And for kids and grown-ups alike, discovering our own unique gifting can be a turning point.

At Doodles Academy, we’ve discovered a powerful way to help kids explore what makes them one-of-a-kind: ask them to imagine themselves as superheroes!

This superhero theme has been SO fun and effective that we decided to create an interactive family art workshop for National Superhero Day!

Tap the button to register for our virtual workshop on Sunday, May 21 

Meet your child’s superhero persona!

During this workshop, you’ll follow our easy instructions to help your kids:

  • Create a superhero persona that highlights your child’s unique gifting
  • Bring your child’s persona to life as a handmade paper puppet

This workshop will give you a priceless opportunity to…

  • Connect with your kids and help them recognize their own real-life superpowers
  • Give your kids a chance to interact with other young artists
  • Enhance your children’s education with a content-rich hands-on creative experience
  • Support our nonprofit mission to make quality art education accessible to all

How it works

When you register, we’ll ship you a puppet kit with supplies you’ll need for this project (we’ll list any additional supplies you’ll need).

Your registration fee will cover the cost of supplies and shipping. A portion of your fee will also support Doodles Academy’s mission to make high-quality art education available to kids around the world!

To save your seat and secure your kit, scroll down register! The virtual workshop are family-oriented and perfect for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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