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The 2022 Collection

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Ella’s Collection

Ella, age 11, from Olympia, WA

Artwork Title: Indianola

This is from a book called “I Can Make This Promise” and Serenity, Roger, and Edith are standing on a hill looking at the beach in Indianola.

Read more about Ella and what inspired her artwork here. 

Olivia’s Collection

Olivia, age 9, from Connecticut

Artwork Title: Bedtime Story 

“My art work is based off my room. The big squishmello is my favorite stuffed animal to sleep with. And the lion that’s also on my bed is crocheted by my mom when I was a baby”

Read more about Olivia and what inspired her artwork here. 

Scarlett’s Collection

Scarlett, age 11, from Michigan

Artwork Title: Fire Heart

“This girl you see is Quinn, she is 16 years old, And she has magma like powers, she is currently on the top of the building where she lives fighting against her enemy who we can not see, and she is almost falling off the building, She is trying her hardest”

Read more about Scarlett and what inspired her artwork here. 

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