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The Secret Language of Objects

Students learn how objects can represent an idea, or serve as symbols. They use symbols to create an artwork that can tell a story. 


SW be introduced  to Drawing ABC’s, which are elements for drawing anything. They’ll follow along in a video tutorial to combine these elements and create an image. Next, they’ll create a ‘Deck of Symbols’ to explore 13th-16th-century symbology in small groups, using a reference sheet and the Drawing ABCs.


SW be introduced to symbology, decide on an emotion that they want to depict, and they will brainstorm and draw meaningful symbols to represent this emotion using the Drawing ABC’s.


SW use their rough emotion/symbol concepts from lesson 2 to create a drawing. They’ll explore how Renaissance artists used symbols in their paintings, then apply this knowledge to depict a personal experience that evoked their chosen emotion, incorporating meaningful symbols.


SW color their compositions using colored pencils. 

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The full lesson plans include links to video content and discussion images, and is available for free by following the link below.

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