In this unit, student artists learn about anthropomorphic animals, and look at examples of them through art, literature, and pop culture. They choose an animal, draw it realistically from photographs, and then use the background to show what human traits the animal has come to represent.

Scope & Sequence:


Lesson 1: In this lesson, student artists are introduced to the concept of ‘anthropomorphic’ animals. They play a modified ‘bingo’ game which has them draw and think about what roles different animals typically play in popular culture. 

Lesson 2: Students choose an an animal to represent and then draw it referencing photographs.

Lesson 3: Students fill the background to show what traits the animal represents. 

Lesson 4: In this lesson, student artists finish their artworks with markers. They will have two days to complete this step.

Lesson 5: Allow a fifth day entirely for finishing and refining work. 

Lesson 6: Optional. A final day for finishing.

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The above will take you to a supply list that assumes a class size of 30. Adjust according to your needs. 

Books & Media:
Optional: A selection of fairy tales and fables featuring anthropomorphic animals (Example: Aesop’s Fables) (see l2-4, early finishers)

Art Elements: 

line, shape/form, color


Art Principles: 



National Core Visual Art Standards:


Language Arts (link to fairy tales or fables that use anthropomorphic creatures), Science (link to a unit on animals), Dramatics (theater/plays that make use of animals)


Core Knowledge:


Common Core Standards: 



Suggestion: have bins for each table or section that contain the materials and simply add the new materials needed for each lesson. Assign a student artist the job of passing materials out after the ‘CFU’ part of the lesson.



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