In this unit, student artists learn about different types of chimeras in cultures ranging from Japanese to Ancient Greek and Roman. They then create their own chimera creature; they create it using printmaking, then draw and paint an appropriate environment for it. 


5th Grade

Scope & Sequence:

Lesson 1: In this lesson, student artists are introduced to different kinds of mythological (specifically chimera) creatures from different cultures. They are then asked to brainstorm some of their own by playing a game with the other students in the classroom.

Lesson 2: In this lesson, student artists learn about texture, create their own creature on a printmaking plate, and use printmaking to create multiple copies.

Lesson 3: In this lesson, student artists draw the the environment for their creature, making sure to include details that help to tell their creature’s ‘myth’.

Lesson 4: Student artists mix their own colors and paint the background.

Lesson 5: Student artists have the entire day to finish.

Lesson 6: Optional. a final day for finishing.

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The above will take you to a supply list that assumes a class size of 30. Adjust according to your needs. 

Books & Media:

Art Elements: 

line, color, texture, space/perspective


Art Principles: 

pattern, proportion/scale, unity


National Core Visual Art Standards: VA:Cr1.1.4a, VA:Cr1.1.5a, VA:Cr1.2.5a, VA:Cr1.2.6a, VA:Cr2.1.4a, VA:Cr2.1.5a, VA:Re.7.1.5a, VA:Re.7.1.6a, VA:Re.7.2.4a



Language Arts (mythology), Science (cultures creating myths to explain natural phenomena), Dramatics (mythology)


Common Core Standards: 

RL.5.7, RL.4.9, RL.5.9, SL.4.1b, SL.5.1b, SL.6.1.b, SL.4.1c, SL.5.1c, SL.4.2, SL.5.2, W.4.2, W.4.2e, W.5.2e, W.4.3, W.5.3, W.6.3, W.4.4, W.5.4, W.6.4



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