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Project 1: Me & My Monster

LEARNING: In this project, students learn and understand the connection between the visual and written word. In particular, they read and examine poetry, and learn how the concepts of ‘imagery’ & ‘emphasis’ can be explored in both written and visual form. 

CREATING:  Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s poems in,‘Don’t Blump the Glump”, student artists brainstorm a monster ‘helper’, describe it through descriptive and/or figurative language and ‘imagery’, create a poem about their monster, and use basic proportions as they draw a self-portrait with their monster. They end by altering their poem to enhance the meaning through visual emphasis.

CONNECTING: This project is thematically aligned with themes taught in the 4th grade EL & Bookwork curriculum. Specifically, it addresses ‘poetry’. 

Project 2: Rainforest Creature Marionettes

LEARNING: Students look at different defense mechanisms animals have developed to protect themselves, specifically focusing on rainforest creatures. 

CREATING: Student artists brainstorm the ideal creature to live in the rainforest, then create marionette puppets of their creatures; using cardboard tubes as their base and coating the surface with layered tissue paper.

CONNECTING: This project is thematically aligned with the topic ‘Animal Defense Mechanisms’. Specifically, it builds on the learning students are doing around different animal defense mechanisms and asks them to demonstrate their knowledge through their design of a fictional animal.

Doodles Academy presents artworks in the public domain as well as works that are protected by copyright and used in accordance with fair use for informational or educational purposes. Because some of these materials are copyrighted, they are only to be used for educational purposes. You can read CMSI’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts to understand how to use and distribute these materials amongst your students.

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