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Our curriculum, your way. 

“Thank you. Your website gives me ideas with real life examples to inspire the children. It is so valuable how you offer key information and resources alongside clear lesson plans that build on each other session after session.”

-Mrs Wood

Primary teacher, Birmingham, England

The pathways of learning in each lesson are really smart and students are able to apply their new understanding to the pieces they created. Moreover, they knew they had the latitude to add their own personal touches.” 

Aaron Grossman

Classroom Teacher in Reno, NV

Doodles Academy provides inspiration and creative new ways to teach art to young children.”

Mrs. S. Robertson

Art Teacher in Warrenton, N.C.

I particularly like how english language learners have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a non-verbal way”

Barbara Powell

Classroom Teacher in California

Doodle academy has great how-to videos, and it is a good way to have students see what other people have done.”

Mrs. C

Classroom Teacher in Houston, TX

Your program is a great reference for bringing together art history and medium connections, and including diversity in art forms. My students are immediately drawn to them- it pulls them into a level of concentration and interest, and helps to calm their impulsive bodies.”

Barbara McElheny

Montessori Art Specialist, New Jersey

“Your projects always bring smiles and feelings of accomplishment.  Those are things we can never have enough of.  Thank you.” 


Classroom Teacher

A school page helps you support, customize, and scale a quality visual arts curriculum

We provide a private page to host your school’s users and content, and allow school leaders to invite users to the platform, and view the progress of their invitees.

We work with every  school subscriber to curate selections of projects, training programs, and downloads so leaders have control over what content each user is able to view and access. Curious what a private page looks like? You can view a sample here.

What a subscription includes:

Art & Literacy +

Start with the Art & Literacy Curriculum as your base, and customize from there. Choose additional or supplemental projects from our other curriculums, and/or choose teacher-led vs student-led versions 

Not quite a good fit? We can also help you curate content from our entire selection of projects. 

Organization Specific Page

The curriculum you choose, hosted on a page that is private to your school or organization 

Leader Logins

You can assign leaders who have the ability to invite educators or students to your private page, as well as track their progress through the curriculum 

Training Modules

Each educator in your organization will receive access to the Art & Literacy virtual training modules. Typically this costs $55 per user, but is included as part of the package.

Downloadable Lesson Plans

Each educator in your organization will have the ability to download and print lesson plans. Typically this costs $5 per project, but is included as part of the subscription  

Collect Images or Assessments

Optionally, you can embed forms that collect information. For example, student artist statements, image uploads, or assessment points.  These are automatically emailed to the educator or leader(s) of your choice. 

Custom Supply Lists

 Supply lists that are customized for the projects, number of students, and classrooms that are participating. Able to be purchased through your supplier or in one-click through ours. 

What it Costs:

School-wide Access

 $145 per year per group page. Using the Art & Literacy curriculum as your base, you can group the lessons in whatever way works best for your school, plus add additional projects as desired. For example:

  • make a group page for all projects your second grade teachers need to access, plus training and lesson plans
  • make a group page with independent projects that all second grade students can access from home
  • make a group page for an after-school or virtual art club
  • make a group page hosting all projects for your art teacher
  • make grade-specific pages for classroom teachers or parent volunteers

You decide what you want!

Custom Curriculum

Does the Art & Literacy set not fit your educational goals? We can work more extensively with you to curate existing projects to fit your specific needs. 

There is a one-time charge of $250 per curated group of projects to set up, with the content thenceforth included in your regular subscription cost. 

Get Started:

If you are purchasing the Art & Literacy Curriculum, use the the links below to make a deposit equal to one custom page. Upon receiving your payment, we will contact you to set up a consultation call. There, we will learn what your goals are, and decide on how to divide curricular content and collect assetts. The deposit will be applied towards your final order.

Purchases must be made by July 31st to guarentee activation by September 1st.

If you need a subscription to start earlier or have additional concerns, please contact us directly. Likewise, if you need a custom curriculum, or have any questions whatsoever, you  contact us directly at

Private Page for a Tax-exempt Organization

Private Page for a Taxable Organization

“I love the creativity of the units and the vast selection of art used to introduce the concepts.”

L. Farrell

Art Teacher, NYC

““The best part of Doodles so far was seeing students who don’t always get to shine really step into their own and have an opportunity to
create something special.”

Phoebe Quin

Brooklyn, NY

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