Custom School Pages

Private pages accessible only by your students, or our content hosted on your own e-learning platform.

Our curriculum, your way. 

“Thank you. Your website gives me ideas with real life examples to inspire the children. It is so valuable how you offer key information and resources alongside clear lesson plans that build on each other session after session.”

-Mrs Wood

Primary teacher, Birmingham, England

The pathways of learning in each lesson are really smart and students are able to apply their new understanding to the pieces they created. Moreover, they knew they had the latitude to add their own personal touches.” 

Aaron Grossman

Classroom Teacher in Reno, NV

Doodles Academy provides inspiration and creative new ways to teach art to young children.”

Mrs. S. Robertson

Art Teacher in Warrenton, N.C.

I particularly like how english language learners have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a non-verbal way”

Barbara Powell

Classroom Teacher in California

Doodle academy has great how-to videos, and it is a good way to have students see what other people have done.”

Mrs. C

Classroom Teacher in Houston, TX

A school page helps you support, customize, and scale a quality visual arts curriculum

We work with every  school subscriber to curate selections of projects, training programs, and downloads. We can create private pages hosted on our website accessible only to your school and students. This provides an easy place for students to view the artworks under discussion, review the video content, and get customized instructions from their teacher. OR we can provide links so that you can embed our content on the online learning system that you use.

What this includes:

Art & Literacy +

Start with the Art & Literacy Curriculum as your base.

Organization Specific Page

The curriculum, hosted on a page that is private to your school or organization, OR embedded in the e-learning platform that you already use. 

*Leader Logins

You can assign leaders who have the ability to invite students to your private page, as well as track their progress through the curriculum 

Training Modules

Each educator in your organization will receive access to the Art & Literacy virtual training modules. Typically this costs $55 per user, but is included as part of the package.

Downloadable Lesson Plans

Each educator in your organization will have the ability to download and print lesson plans. Typically this costs $5 per project, but is included as part of the subscription  

*Collect Images or Assessments

Optionally, you can embed forms that collect information. For example, student artist statements, image uploads, or assessment points.  These are automatically emailed to the educator or leader(s) of your choice. 

*Student Logins

Student logins, that allow you to track their progress through the lessons.

*Supported on our platform. Availability will vary with other platforms.

Get Started:

Contact us directly to set up a consultation call: Pricing starts at $145 and scales up depending on if you are using our platform or yours, and how many pages we are custom-building for you.

““The best part of Doodles so far was seeing students who don’t always get to shine really step into their own and have an opportunity to
create something special.”

Phoebe Quin

Brooklyn, NY

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