2020-21: Outside the Lines: Curriculum Subscription

$6.50 per issue, 7 issues, Charged every 6 weeks

This purchase is a subscription that gives digital access to ‘Outside the Lines’, a new flexible curriculum put out by Doodles Academy. Outside the Lines will be released every 6 weeks, beginning September 1st. By purchasing this subscription you get:

  • Access to new publications
  • Access to the digital archives from this year (starting in September)
  • Downloadable versions of each publication on your user dashboard for easy access and printing
  • Spanish translations of the student-led pages, on your user dashboard for easy access and printing
  • Links to visual assets (artworks, etc.) to assist virtual classrooms

You will be charged seven monthly installments every 6 weeks, and have access to the content for 360 days from your purchase date. The first charge is made on September 1st.

Subscribing offers you $2 per issue ($14 total) off of the cover price of the individual publications.

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Our second annual Give With HeART Student Art Contest will close on midnight Eastern on Sunday, 12/04! 

There are a couple ways that you can participate: 

  • Submit artworks by students using Doodles Lessons (aged 5-11) that you have made with your class (link here​) 
  • Encourage students to attend a live art-making event with their caregivers (registration here​) 

Either way, if they win YOU win! Amongst their prizes, they'll receive a $150 gift card to Blick – for their class.