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Out of all the amazing artworks that were submitted, the following artworks have been chosen as the


Congratulations to these student artists!

Each artist featured will receive a t-shirt with their artwork featured on it, and be interviewed on our blog.


Fire Heart

Age of artist: 11


Bedtime Story

Age of artist: 9



Age of artist: 11

Art Project Used: Superheroes! 

In this project, students develop the backstory for a Superhero, then create a drawing of their superhero in the style of a comic book cover. The details they use should show some aspects of the Superheroes ‘story’.

Art Project Used: A Toy’s Story 

In this project, students draw their favorite toy (or two!) from observation, then use the background to share where their toy goes in their imagination. 

Art Project Used: Persian Miniatures

Students learn about Persian Miniatures. They then create an illustration of a story or poem of their choice using an engraving technique that involved coloring a pattern, painting over it, then carving back in the design. 


Artist Statement:

 “This girl you see is Quinn, she is 16 years old, And she has magma like powers, she is currently on the top of the building where she lives fighting against her enemy who we can not see, and she is almost falling off the building, She is trying her hardest” 


Artist Statement:



Artist Statement: “In [the book] “I Can Make This Promise”, Serenity,Roger and Edith are standing on a hill looking at the beach in Indianola.”

About “I Can Make This Promise“: In her debut middle grade novel—inspired by her family’s history—Christine Day tells the story of a girl who uncovers her family’s secrets—and finds her own Native American identity.

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