Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers:

How would you like to give each of your students their own personal sketchbook?

This is your chance to get them for free!

To celebrate the beginning of the school year, we’re offering you a one-year subscription to Outside the Lines for just $4.99 (80% off the normal price of $24.99)…

And when you subscribe before September 30 with code BACKTOSCHOOL, we’ll enter you into a raffle to win sketchbooks for your entire class, courtesy of Sketch for Schools!

Low on prep time–or looking for inspiration?

Low on prep time–or looking for inspiration?

We did the lesson planning for you!

We did the lesson planning for you!

Outside the Lines is our diverse, standards-aligned, choice-based, and highly adaptable art project subscription series.

Have you noticed how time-consuming it can be to create a high-quality and irresistibly engaging art education—even if you’re curating and combining existing resources?

With Outside the Lines, instead of having to do all the research and development yourself, the curriculum you need shows up in your inbox throughout the school year—automatically! 

Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to all previous project packs (nine and counting!), 25% off everything in the Doodles Academy store, an invitation to our subscribers-only Facebook group, and more.

Each Project Pack includes:

Diverse artworks for discussion

Direct links to core content areas

Background information around the core topic/essential question

Linking to the Teaching Tolerance Standards

Discussion prompts and assessment strategies

Exciting art projects with flexible material choices

Outside the Lines has been a very important part of my curriculum. I’m a TAB style teacher and the projects are well-rounded and theme-based enough to offer choice AND some direction. [1/2]

“One issue, America is Hard to See, not only helped me teach students to embrace unique differences but they have also carried pride in their heritage into projects in following years!”


“Do yourself a favor AND your STUDENTS, and sign up right this very minute for this incredible teaching and learning tool!! I teach middle school as well as the university level with art education students. […]


[…] I gleefully discovered many pertinent ideas, lesson topics, fab visuals, etc. to support a variety level of student learners, myself included.” 


“When I got issue 2, it was jaw-droppingly perfect. Honestly, it was magnificent! I value the way it used scaffolded lessons throughout the unit. I also appreciate the high quality, contemporary artwork associations that are directly related the lessons without being the typical “see how they did this, now you do it” project.”


How it works:

You can access any issue of Outside the Lines that have been released by going to your ‘artroom’ and visiting the ‘downloads’ section.


Starting every October, approximately every *2 weeks you’ll receive an email with ready-to-implement teaching content, including the following standard sections:

  • Learning: An introduction and background information
  • Looking: Diverse artworks and artist biographies for reflection and discussion
  • Creating: An exciting art project with flexible material choices
  • PDF form, and includes Spanish translations of all student-facing content.

Subscription Details:

We release projects, called ‘Key Ideas’ every two weeks beginning in October, with the exception of scheduled breaks for Holidays. Every 4th key idea includes time for feedback before the final issue is released into the online artroom of subscribers. You will receive a list of our anticipated release dates at the beginning of each series.

Subscribers will receive two issues each subscription year in their artroom. Full issues include all four key ideas in a PDF form, and includes Spanish translations of all student-facing content.

 Contest Details:

Sketchbooks are generously donated by Sketch for Schools! Your discounted subscription will renew in one year at the regular price of $24.99. Subscriptions can be easily managed (including adding discount codes or canceling) through your online artroom on This promotion and give-away is only for new subscribers.

Sketch for Schools will provide one classrooms worth of sketchbooks (up to 35 sketchbooks). These sketchbooks are 6×9″ and include 15 p. of quality 80# paper. They can only be shipped to classrooms located within the United States. The raffle will take place on October 1st 2022, and the winner notified via the email that they subscribed with.

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#2: America is Hard to See

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#1: A Portrait in Time

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