About ‘Mexican Alebrije’:  


In this unit, student artists learn about the history and creation of a Mexican folk art called Alebrije, Alebrije’s are imaginary creatures, usually sculptural, painted with bright colors and patterns. For this project, students create their own imaginary creatures using collage, draw them, create a background, add texture with oil pastels, and then finish them with a watercolor resist. There is an emphasis on color choices and texture.

A note that the Doodles Academy curriculum encourages a growth mindset by focusing on process over product: projects are designed to allow students to tell their own stories and individualize art projects. This creates a more engaging and more challenging environment where students learn to solve their own problems rather than copying a model.

 A typical day in the project:

Students watch a video giving them context and demonstrations.

Students receive instructions and work on their art independently.

…and more:

-Guardians will receive emails detailing concepts they can discuss with their children. 

-After the final lesson, students will submit a photo of their artwork and an artist statement.


Mexican Alebrije: Online Art Lessons for Kids


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