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This training module is intended to align teachers around the Doodles Academy philosophy and give them the background knowledge and instructional tools they need to be highly effective when using the Doodles Academy curriculum. The final class reviews how we approach using art to support content rich literacy topics.

As a student, you are invited to participate in 5 classes, in your own time and at your own pace. You should plan to spend at least 45 minutes reviewing each classes’ content, reflecting, and responding.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate acknowledging four PD hours.

I was inspired by the “emphasis on setting up risk-culture to encourage honest critique, the reflection that leads to multiple efforts and constant improvement.”
Kristin Jefferson

Instructional Coach, Excel Charter School, Brooklyn, NY

Scope & Sequence:

Module 1: Using Art to Teach Thinking Skills: In this module, teachers watch a variety of videos from examples of schools that use art as a way to support thinking skills cross-curricularly, and read some research that supports the idea that art can be a holistic benefit in the development of a child.

Module 2: Curriculum MattersIn this module, teachers learn about the Doodles Academy curriculum and philosophy and see the ways we support educators in bringing integrated, choice-based projects to their students. 

Module 3: Best Instructional Practices: This module is broken into two classes. In it, teachers learn about how a typical Doodles Academy project is structured and then do a deep dive into some recommended instructional practices.

Module 4: Art & Literacy: In this module, students learn more about how we approached supporting content-rich literacy topics with art.

Educator Virtual Training

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