Doodles Academy Virtual Training: Art & Literacy


The Doodles Academy Art & Literacy Training Program is a series of four virtual modules.


Important: Buying for multiple users? Before purchasing, contact us directly at so that we can set you up an institutional account, which includes multiple logins. 

Module 1: Using Art to Teach Thinking Skills: In this module, teachers watch a variety of videos from examples of schools that use art as a way to support thinking skills cross-curricularly, and read some research that supports the idea that art can be a holistic benefit in the development of a child.

Module 2: Curriculum MattersIn this module, teachers learn about the Doodles Academy curriculum and philosophy and see the ways we support educators in bringing integrated, choice-based projects to their students. 

Module 3: Best Instructional Practices: This module is broken into two classes. In it, teachers learn about how a typical Doodles Academy project is structured and then do a deep dive into some recommended instructional practices.

Module 4: Art & Literacy: In this module, students learn more about how we approached supporting content-rich literacy topics with art.



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