Writing: Art Projects that Build Descriptive Writing Skills

Suggested price: $19.99

The Writing Curriculum Set is a selection of four projects (20 lessons total). All the projects in this series place an emphasis on writing, whether it is in the development of a story, an idea, or it is through exploring and integrating text within the art itself. Together the projects build and support student’s writing skills, while also providing them multiple ways to express themselves and their stories.

Because they do heavily rely on writing, this curriculum set is suitable for grades 3 and up (or very low ratio classrooms with a lot of adult support). 

At Doodles Academy, we believe that access to high-quality art education should be available to all — regardless of financial means. Our downloadable content is available through a pay-what-you-want subscription model, but we rely on the support and generosity of those who are able to pay in order to continue offering our free to low-cost resources to everyone. Please know that your contribution will help us reach more people and make a greater impact.

This curriculum focuses on 2D media and includes lessons with watercolors or gauche paint, oil pastels (although crayons can be used), markers, and light/optional collage.

What you get:

  • a collection of 4 projects (each containing 5-6 lessons for a total of 20-25 lessons depending on the speed of the class) that use writing in tandem with art.
  • links to downloadable and editable lesson plans (which can be used with or without the streaming videos)
  • a vocabulary list
  • a comprehensive supply list
  • Your lesson plans will be printable so you can easily add prep notes and classroom observations.
  • And, each pack contains links to all of the video content so you can implement your lessons on a learning management system of your choice

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