Culture & Identity: Projects to Embrace Diversity


The Culture & Identity Curriculum Set is a selection of five projects (25 lessons total) introducing different cultures and identities (which do align to National Heritage Months). This art curriculum is ideal for the teacher (classroom teacher OR art teacher) who wants to teach content that deepens student understanding and engagement around diverse cultures & identities.

The art lessons are organized so that educators can easily choose to teach each project during national heritage or history months, or they can choose to authentically integrate diverse artists into their curriculum at any point during the school year. This curriculum focuses on 2D media and includes lessons with oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic or tempera paint, engraving, drawing, and collage. Potential connections to Heritage Months include Black History Month, Women’s History Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Native American Heritage Month. An additional project explores Persian culture.

What you get:

  • A collection of 5 projects (each containing 5-6 lessons for a total of 25-30 lessons depending on the speed of the class) exploring different cultures and heritages
  • A scope and sequence which includes links to training and support pages
  • links to downloadable and editable lesson plans (which can be used with or without the streaming videos)
  • editable assessments for each project
  • a vocabulary list

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