Art & Literacy Lesson Downloads: Build knowledge around Content-rich Literacy Topics


The Art & Literacy Curriculum is a series of projects that build knowledge around content-rich literacy topics. You can find out more here.


Each project contains 10 lessons (2 full projects) aligned to a content-rich literacy topic. This download is a complement to the online content, allowing you to download and print the lesson plans. All the projects include:

  • Artworks to discuss
  • Video lessons
  • Text sets
  • Supply lists
  • Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary
  • Support in the form of emailed teaching tips and management strategies as educators work through the lessons.

What you get in the download:

  • A collection of 2 projects (each project contains 5-6 lessons for a total of 10-12 lessons depending on the speed of the class) topically connecting art and literacy.
  • If you are downloading the 1st-5th grade set, you will receive 35 total lessons (7 total projects), with some duplicates over grade-levels. The scope and sequence makes clear which projects belong with which grade.
  • All levels receive a scope and sequence which includes links to training and support pages
  • links to downloadable and editable lesson plans (which can be used with or without the streaming videos)
  • editable assessments for each project
  • a vocabulary list
  • a supplemental text list

Additional information

Grade Level

1st Grade, 1st-5th Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

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