Line by Line: Projects to Build Drawing Skills


The Line by Line Curriculum Set is a selection of four projects (20 lessons total), best suited for 3rd grade and up.

This collection is organized so that the students scaffold and build up their drawing skills. They start by learning how to identify, draw, and combine basic lines to create line drawings. They then move into drawing from more complex subject matter, such as from photographs and from real life.

This curriculum focuses on 2D media and includes lessons with basic drawing tools such as pencil and markers, as well as some watercolor and (minor) collage.

What you get:

  • a collection of 4 projects (each containing 5-6 lessons for a total of 20-25 lessons depending on the speed of the class) building drawing skills.
  • links to downloadable and editable lesson plans (which can be used with or without the streaming videos)
  • a vocabulary list
  • a supply list

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