Doodles at Home

Free projects for elementary aged students that can be done in their own homes at their own pace. 

‘Donkey Paradise’ by Stella in California; From the Doodles at Home ‘Artist, Scientist, Explorer’ project

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The projects are adapted from our popular teacher-led curriculum
  • The projects are all done with common art materials
  • After starting a project, students will access a series of 3-4 lessons, broken down into daily steps
  • Adults will receive emails with what to expect as well as learning extensions

We’ve put together an art-kit for you: the above link will take you to a list of supplies that we think are essential to keep on hand for your kids to create with (and do Doodles lessons!)

A note that these are Affiliate Links and we may make a small percentage off of them. We link to products that are expert-recommended; for our supplies, art teachers have helped us choose the most effective brands to use. For our books, literacy consultants have vetted our selection.

Click on any project for more information, and to enroll:

Anthropomorphic Animals

Students draw an animal and use the background to describe the traits normally associated with it.


Students create their own superheroes, complete with a backstory.

The Secret Language of Objects

Students learn about symbols in Renaissance paintings, and tell a story of their choice using symbols.

 A Toy’s Story 

Students draw their favorite toy and show where they go in their imagination. 

Mexican Alebrije

Students learn about the Mexican artist Pedro Linares, and how he created colorful composite creatures called Alebrije, which have become a national art form. They create their own unique composite creatures.

Art & Advocacy

Students learn about water problems around the world and how graphic designers use design to enact change. They design a poster advocating for a cause they care strongly about. 

Around the Neighborhood

Students learn about Jacob Lawrence and the Harlem Renaissance. They make a collage that depicts their own neighborhood, with a focus on color. 

Embracing Challenges

Students learn about artists who faced different mental and physical challenges, and complete a recycled sculpture by getting their own series of challenges.

Me & My Monster 

Students learn about visual poetry, create a poem about a monster helper, draw a self-portrait, and rearrange their poems in a visual way with the self-portrait. They work with basic collage supplies and colored pencils.

Rainforest Creature Marionettes

Students learn about animal defense mechanisms and invent an animal ideally suited to live in the rainforst. They create a marionette puppet from paper tubes, paint, craft sticks, and string.

Artist, Explorer, Scientist

Students learn about John Audubon, draw an animal and it’s habitat, and finish with watercolor.

Designing the Zodiac 

Students learn about constellations across many different cultures and create their own constellation and write their own origin story.

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