Doodles at Home: Online Art Projects for Kids

About ‘Doodles at Home’:

To help with families who want an engaging activity for their kids, we have been developing versions of our content that can be accessed online and be student-led.

These projects use common materials and are suited for elementary aged students. Rather than being a stand-alone curriculum, they integrate art with content-rich topics by providing videos that give student context and background knowledge around a topic as well as demonstrate an art skill. Then, students are challenged to create unique art projects that connect to their individual interests. Parents receive emails that give suggestions on how to extend the learning done during the lessons. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We will add one project per week (usually on Tuesday)
  • The projects will be done with basic art materials
  • After starting a project, students will access a series of 3-4 lessons, broken down into daily steps

We’ve put together an art-kit for you: the above link will take you to a list of supplies that we think are essential to keep on hand for your kids to create with (and do Doodles lessons!)

Calendar for Doodles at Home, released every Tuesday:

March 17th: Embracing Challenges … … … Students learn about artists who faced different mental and physical challenges, and complete a recycled sculpture by getting their own series of challenges.

March 24th: Designing the Zodiac … … … Students learn about constellations across many different cultures and create their own constellation and write their own origin story.

March 31st: Artist, Explorer, Scientist … … … Students learn about John Audubon, draw an animal and it’s habitat, and finish with watercolor.

April 7th: Rainforest Creature Marionettes … … … Students learn about animal defense mechanisms and invent an animal ideally suited to live in the rainforst. They create a marionette puppet from paper tubes, paint, craft sticks, and string.

April 14th: Me & My Monster … … … Students learn about visual poetry, create a poem about a monster helper, draw a self-portrait, and rearrange their poems in a visual way with the self-portrait. They work with basic collage supplies and colored pencils. 

April 21st: Around the Neighborhood… … … Students learn about Jacob Lawrence, Harlem, and the Great Migration. They make a collage that depicts their own neighborhood, with a focus on color. 

April 28th: Art & Advocacy… … … Students learn about how graphic designers raise awareness of water issues around the world. They choose an issue they care about and create a poster advocating for it using watercolor. 

We will continue to evaluate the situation and expand our selection as necessary. 


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