Our Curriculum

Doodling Outside the Lines: A publication, released 7x per year at 6 week intervals. This is a high-quality art curriculum that honors student choice, values diversity, connects to core content areas, and can flex between live, virtual, and tech-free teaching.

 Doodles for Teachers: These free art projects emphasis using art to build speaking & listening skills as well as connecting the art lesson to concepts in history, literacy, math, science, and social studies. Importantly, we ask students to create a unique artwork that connects to their personal experiences, rather than asking them to copy an example. All projects include comprehensive lesson plans and demonstration videos that democratize who can access and provide a high-quality art education.

Art & Literacy:Free projects where we paired authentic, individualized art projects with content rich literacy topics. As with our ‘Doodles for Teachers’ curriculuem, they include video lessons, lesson plans, supplemental learning materials and handouts, and also include vocabulary lists, text sets, and, optionally, virtual training.

Doodles at Home: These free projects are adapted from our other curricula, and are independently accessible by students. They use common materials and are suited for elementary aged students. Adults receive emails that give suggestions on how to extend the learning done during the lessons. 

Doodles for Schools: Private curriculum pages for schools, featuring the Art & Literacy curriculum or a custom curriculum curated from our existing projects. 

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