Best of Doodles: A Curated Year of Art Projects

Suggested price: $29.99

The Best of Doodles Curriculum Set is a selection of six of our most popular art projects (30 lessons total). This complete art curriculum is ideal for the teacher who wants to teach art throughout the school year and guides them in building their student’s artistic knowledge and skills without overwhelming.

At Doodles Academy, we believe that access to high-quality art education should be available to all — regardless of financial means. Our downloadable content is available through a pay-what-you-want subscription model, but we rely on the support and generosity of those who are able to pay in order to continue offering our free to low-cost resources to everyone. Please know that your contribution will help us reach more people and make a greater impact.

The easy-to-implement curriculum set scaffolds artistic skills; the projects begin with a focus on developing basic drawing skills, then move into more complex skills such as texture and color. This art curriculum is for elementary-aged students (1st-5th grade) and focuses on 2D media. It includes art lessons with pencil, watercolor, colored pencils, markers, tempera paint, oil pastels, & collage.

What you get:

  • A collection of 6 of our most popular projects (each containing 5-6 lessons for a total of 30-35 lessons depending on the speed of the class).
  • A scope and sequence which scaffolds skills over the course of the year.
  • Links to downloadable and editable lesson plans (which can be used with or without the streaming videos)
  • editable assessments for each project
  • a vocabulary list
  • Your lesson plans will be printable so you can easily add prep notes and classroom observations.
  • And, each pack contains links to all of the video content so you can implement your lessons on a learning management system of your choice

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