Art teacher? 

 We’ve got you covered. 

Doodles provides a high-quality curriculum that is easy-to-implement, produces authentic student artwork, and is flexible enough to fit your  own teaching style and goals.  

Lessons include video demos and discussion prompts – minimal prep, maximal impact!

Opportunities for critical thinking are built into every lesson

Standards-aligned content integrates into other subjects

Our newest Curriculum Set centers on grade-level literacy content

Ask your principal to check us out. 

Is your art curriculum:

✔︎ Standards-aligned?

✔︎ Affordable and accessible?

✔︎ Connected to other subjects?

✔︎ Fun for your students?

✔︎ Easy to implement?

Doodles Academy is! 

Schools that use Doodles have access to an online library of excellent lesson plans designed to minimize teacher prep. Our lessons are engaging, culturally relevant, and connected to Common Core and National Visual Arts Standards. Doodles connects art to common curricular themes, supporting deeper engagement in subjects taught in other classrooms. We work hard to ensure our curriculum is affordable and accessible to schools of all shapes and sizes. What’s not to love? 

Always know when we release a new project.

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of art teachers polled said that Doodles was easy to customize to their specific needs, and strongly agreed that it helped their students create their own unique art.

“I love the creativity of the units and the vast selection of art used to introduce the concepts.” 

L. Farrell

Art Teacher, New York City, NY

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