Art teacher? 

 We’ve got you covered. 

Doodles provides a high-quality curriculum that is easy-to-implement, produces authentic student artwork, and is flexible enough to fit your  own teaching style and goals.  

Lessons include discussion prompts, artworks to discuss, and discussion strategies

Opportunities for critical thinking are built into every lesson

Standards-aligned content integrates into other subjects

Our magazine supports the development of a diverse, responsive curriculum

Flexible, adaptable, & high-quality content.

Outside the Lines offers:

✔︎ Diverse artists

✔︎ Projects with a focus on student-choice

✔︎ Connections to other subjects

✔︎ Flexibility in materials

✔︎ Tips for delivering in different formats, including in-person, virtual, and tech-free 


Outside the Lines is a flexible, high-quality, elementary-aged art curriculum that honors student choice, values diversity, connects to core content areas, and is released throughout the school year. Plus, it comes with a supportive community of educators who are working through the projects at the same time.



of art teachers polled said that Doodles was easy to customize to their specific needs, and strongly agreed that it helped their students create their own unique art.

“I really believe that this is the best art curriculum I have seen yet. […]There is background knowledge, cross-curricular notes, and engaging projects that students WANT to do. I am incredibly impressed”

-feedback from 'Outside the Lines'

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