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Curricular Enhancements to Fuel High Impact Learning & Teaching  

“Thanks to Doodles I was able to experience what it takes to bring students from conception to completion of a high quality art project. And it wasn’t just the kids who typically love art that felt successful; all my students loved the work they produced!”

David Scholten

Classroom Teacher in Portland, OR

Lesson Packs

Our Lesson Packs are carefully curated selections of our projects, designed around a theme or objective. While the individually listed packs will have unique features, all Lesson Packs include:

  • A scope & sequence
  • downloadable lesson plans
  • vocabulary
  • assessments
  • links to professional development pages

 This is in addition to everything that comes standard in a Doodles Academy lesson, including:

  • Objectives
  • Focus questions 
  • Video examples
  • Inspiration Images
  • Standards aligned (Common Core & National Art)
  • Ideas for early finishers
  • Anticipated problems


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