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“Thanks to Doodles I was able to experience what it takes to bring students from conception to completion of a high quality art project. And it wasn’t just the kids who typically love art that felt successful; all my students loved the work they produced!”

David Scholten

Classroom Teacher in Portland, OR

Virtual Magazine

Outside the Lines is a virtual magazine that supports educators in creating powerful, engaging art units that are responsive to contemporary times.

Each issue of Outside the Lines includes:
Interesting, choice-based content:

  • A relevent and timely essential question
  • Four key ideas which break the essential question down through:
  • An introduction/background information
  • Diverse artworks and artist biographies
  • An art prompt with flexible material choices

Teacher Support, Including:

  • Discussion prompts and assessment strategies based on the National Core Art Standards
  • Suggestions for linking to core content areas, including rich ELA texts
  • Ideas for adapting the content for in-person, virtual, or distance learning
  • Outline of the progression of skills or understanding
  • Linking to the Teaching Tolerance standards where applicable
  • A separate file linking to artworks on museum/gallery sites and optional, supplemental videos


  • Self-assessment rubric for students based on Studio Habits of Mind
  • Artist statement worksheet
  • A separate file with Spanish translations of the student-led pages.

With a subscription, you get access to any issues that have been published this year, as well as access to new publications.By subscribing to the series, you save $14 off of the cover price.

*During 2020-2021 the magazine is released every 6 weeks for a total of seven issues. During 2021-22 it will be released every 7 weeks for a total of six issues.

Lesson Packs

Our Lesson Packs are carefully curated selections of our projects, designed around a theme or objective. While the individually listed packs will have unique features, all Lesson Packs include:

  • A scope & sequence
  • downloadable lesson plans
  • vocabulary

 This is in addition to everything that comes standard in a Doodles Academy lesson, including:

  • Objectives
  • Focus questions 
  • Video examples
  • Inspiration Images
  • Standards aligned (Common Core & National Art)
  • Ideas for early finishers
  • Anticipated problems

Art & Literacy Support

Supports for using the Art & Literacy Curriculum, including virtual training as well as custom pages built for schools to host the curriculum and track user progress. Click on any of the products to learn more.


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