Downloadable Lesson Plans: 3rd Grade Art & Literacy Curriculum


Downloadable and printable lesson plans for the 3rd Grade Art & Literacy Curriculum. This includes two projects (10-12 lessons total) that are topically aligned to content-rich ELA topics found in many 3rd grade curricula. The lessons include:

  • Artworks to discuss
  • Video lessons
  • Text sets
  • Supply lists
  • Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary

If you enroll via our website as well as downloading the lesson plans, you will also receive support in the form of emailed teaching tips and management strategies as you work through the lessons.

Project 1: Embracing Challenges

Project Overview: 

5-6 lessons LEARNING:  In this project, student artists learn about four different artists who faced mental or physical challenges and turned these challenges to their advantage. 
CREATING:  Student artists experiment with the idea of limitations. They are tasked with creating a sculpture from limited (recycled) materials. They finish by working with (a limited palette of) paint and mixing colors to complete their sculpture
CONNECTING: This project is thematically aligned with the topic ‘embracing challenges’. Specifically, it addresses the idea of overcoming challenges through initiative, creative problem solving, and perseverance. 

Project 2: Art & Advocacy

Project Overview: 

5-7 lessons LEARNING:  Students learn about how graphic designers can advocate through design: they learn about water problems around the world (pollution, access, and overuse), and look at and analyze ways that graphic designers have brought attention to this issue through their design. 
CREATING:  Students choose an issue that they feel strongly about and become graphic designers; they design a poster simplifying their issue into an easily digestible poster using the elements of movement, emphasis, and balance. 
CONNECTING: This project is thematically aligned with the topic ‘water;

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